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Both in terms of the game of Chess and in terms of religion and a monarch, a bishop cannot become a queen.

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Q: Can a bishop become a queen?
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Can a bishop become queen in chess?

No, only Pawns can be promoted to Queens.

How do you become a bishop if you are not a member a church?

To become a bishop you have to be a priest.

Who two pieces stand beside a king at the start of a chess game?

A queen and a bishop. For white, the queen is on the king's left and the bishop is on his right. For black, the queen is on the king's right and the bishop is on his left.

How can a Baptist minister become a bishop?


What does the word qb abbreviate?

Queen's bench, queen's bishop, or quarterback.

What is next to the king in chess?

The Queen or the Bishop

Can a bishop kill a queen in chess?


Who crowned Queen Elizabeth I?

The Bishop of Carlisle

Can a Bishop capture a king or queen?

yes it can

In chess can a bishop move two spaces and get the queen out?

Yes, if it is an available move to you, you can move your bishop two spaces and take your opponent's queen.

How does one become become a Bishop in the US?

In all streams of Christianity a Bishop is an elected or appointed position. This means that to become a bishop you must be chosen by the current leadership of the church.

What is an auxiliary bishop?

An auxiliary bishop is a bishop who functions as the deputy to another bishop when duties become too heavy.

What is the significance of queen in chess?

It can move as a bishop and a rook.

Can a bishop become a bishop by internet?

I'm affraid the answer is NO. A Bishop cannot become a bishop by the internet. His capabilities, his experience, his preachings, his education, everything is considered when a priest is made a bishop. The ordinance is granted directly by the cardinal or the pope.

In chess what happens when a pawn makes it across the board?

It promotes. It will then become either a queen, rook, bishop, or a knight. The pawn is removed from the board of course!

Can you win with a knight and a bishop in chess?

Having a bishop in Chess will not help you win. You can only win if you have a queen.

What is the odd one out King Queen Lord or Bishop?


When did Dickens become queen?

Dickens didn't become a queen

How does one become a secretary to a bishop?

Bishop chooses his secretary from Fathers of the community

Where did St. Eugene de Mazenod become a bishop?

He was the Bishop of Marseille, France.

Why did Francois de Laval want to become a bishop?

Francois de Laval didn't want to become a bishop. He wanted to become a priest. But then when he studied with the Jesuits, they nominated him to be first bishop. And then he was appointed by Pope Alexander VII and became first bishop of Quebec.

Can a pawn become a queen in chess?

Yes, IF it promotes(reaches the other side of the board) into one. You can also promote your pawn to a rook, bishop, or knight, but not a king.

What is a bad bishop in chess?

A bishop become 'bad' when the diagnols are closed by pawn blockages its a good idea to exchange them for equal pieces since you can't do much with a bad bishop but nothing can be taken as a rule of thumb it all depends on the position. Sometimes even a pawn is powerful than a queen.

How did isis become queen?

she was dead and when people are dead they become queen

When did Pope John XXIII become a bishop?

He was consecrated a bishop on March 19, 1925.