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Q: Can a basketball player do an underhand shot?
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Is it legal for a basketball player to shoot free throws underhand?


What is underhand pass in basketball?

underhand pass

Who is the best underhand free thrower in NBA?

Rick Barry shot 90% for his career shooting underhand.

Does the type of basketball a player uses affect a player's shot?


Who makes a rainbow shot?

a basketball player

Who makes a rianbow shot?

A basketball player

Who was the first pro basketball player to make a 3 point shot?

Chris Ford was the first NBA basketball player to make a 3 point shot.

When one player grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball what does it called?

When one player grabs the ball after a missed shot in basketball it is called a rebound. The offensive orÊdefensive player can get a rebound.

What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?

A basketball player

What shot is always underhand in badminton?

when you have no idea tho

In badminton what is always an underhand shot?

an overarm shot

What is a blocked shot?

A blocked shot is a shot in basketball which is grabbed away by an opposing player before it reaches its destination.

Can you block a shot standing at the back of a player in basketball?


What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

Who was Hitler and how did he died?

he is famous basketball player and he got shot in the leg during the game

What is a jump shot in basketball?

A jump shot is a shot you take when you jump in basketball!!!

What is BA in basketball?

A BA in basketball is a blocked attempt. In other words, it is a shot that the player attempts that is subsequently blocked.

Is you are like the best basketball player a simile?

Depends on how and what you are comparing to with a basketball player. For example. "His lay up was so perfect it was like he the best basketball player ever to make such a shot."

In basketball if a blocked shot stays in bounds who gets credit for the rebound- the player who blocked the shot or the player that retrieved the ball?

The player that retrieved the ball. The blocker is credited with a block.

How do you improve your basketball shot?

You can improve your basketball shot by practicing.

What is a hot shot in basketball?

it means that the player is on fire and he's hitting his shots ...

Does music effect a basketball players free throw shot?

Depends on the player.

What is it called when a player in basketball controls the possesion of the ball after a missed shot?

A rebound.

Who makes rainbow shots?

A basketball player shooting a shot with a very high arch is making what is called a rainbow shot.

What is blocked shot in basketball?

It is when another player knocks aways the ball (that has been shot) before it has a chance to reach the basket