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Q: Can a ball carriers hand with the ball in it touch the ground and he not be down?
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Can a player running the ball touch the ball to the ground to steady himself without going down?

If the ball touches the ground, the runner is down. This is why 'the ground cannot cause a fumble.'

Is a college football player down only if his knee touches the ground?

No ... if the shoulder, elbow, forearm, or wrist touch the ground the ball carrier is also considered down.

Is a player down if the football hits the ground?

No. A player is down when his knee or back touches the ground. If the ball carrier loses the ball before this happens then it is called a fumble, and both teams try to recover the ball and whichever team does gains possession. Yes. The only thing allowed to touch the ground without you being 'down' is your hands and feet. We even have interpretation questions on whether the wrist and ankles are part of the hand/feet to determine if a player is down. If the ball touches the ground, the player is considered down. This is why the ground cannot cause a fumble. If it was a pass and the WR was deemed not in control of the pass, it is known as a dropped or incomplete pass. The player has to have complete control, but the ball can touch the ground. This is determining the completion of the catch, though, not whether the player is down or not.

Why does a ball rolling on the ground slow down?

Friction from the air and ground will slow down the ball's motion.

How can a tornado be at the ground?

Most of them touch down on ground.

NFL Why is it called a touchdown when you don't?

American football is derived from an English game called Rugby Union. In Rugby the equivalent to a touch down is called a try. To score a try you have to "touch the ball down" on the ground.

Where did the word touchdown come from?

football is the child of rugby. When you score in rugby you would have to touch the ball down to the ground, hence the word touchdown.

What Is roll-ball in Touch Football?

A roll-ball in touch is were u put the ball down at your feet then step over it and the dummy picks it up

In football if a ball carriers touches the ground with the ball is it a dead ball?

As in a forward pass?? No. It is still live if it does not touch the ground. ANSWER: A football remains a live ball if it strikes an official in the field of play. If an official is out of bounds when the ball touches him/her, then the ball is deemed to be out of bounds. Yes and no. The officials are considered an extension of the field. Therefore, if a forward pass strikes an official, it's the same as if the ball hit the ground -- it's dead. I've seen games before where a forward pass hit an umpire, and the play was immediately whistled over. If a backwards pass or a loose ball hits an official, it would therefore still be a live ball, since hitting the ground doesn't normally kill a ball under those circumstances.

Can a player inbounding ball advance it down the court before another teammate touches the ball?

The player inboundin the ball can throw it all the way down the court, but someone else has to touch the ball once inbounded before the person inbounding the ball to touch it

Is a player down when his elbow hits ground and not his knee?

Yes. The only parts of the body that can be down on the ground and the ball stay live are the hand and foot. If even a wrist of ankle is down, the ball is dead.

When an offensive player's shin hits the ground while carrying the ball is he considered down?

Not in the NFLNope. At least not in the NFL. If a ball carrier falls down on top of an opposing player and does not otherwise touch the ground, he is not considered down by contact and may continue to advance the ball.Some part of the ball carrier's body, other than his hands or feet, has to make contact with the ground for him to be considered down(Technically, a knee or elbow or helmet has to make contact with the turf for the carrier to be down).This is true for all levels of football play: HS, NCAA, NFL.