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Yes, my son did last night!

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Q: Can a 9 year old hit a baseball 200 feet?
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How big was the ice burge the titanic hit?

100 feet above the water

Steve hit the baseball 400 feet Lesley hit the golf ball 300 yards How many feet farther did the golf ball travel than the baseball?

300 yards is equal to 900 feet, so the answer is 500 feet.

How far do you have to hit the baseball to hit a home run is it different for each ball park or the same in major league baseball and little league baseball?

it varies, from under 300 feet to well over 400 feet.

What is the average distance a 9 year old can hit a baseball?

An average 10 year old girl hits a softball about 15 to 25 feet.

What is the highest ball hit in baseball?

1,238 feet or miles the ball hit a train and the ball never hit the ground

How far does a wood bat hit a baseball?

upto 400 feet

Who are the current baseball players with 200 hits in a season?

I will interpret this question as "which active baseball players have had a 200-hit season at some point in his career?" 33 different active players have had a 200-hit season. Visit the link below for the list.

How large was the iceberg that titanic hit?

According to early newspaper reports, the approximate height was 50 to 100 feet high and 200 to 400 feet long.

Is 195 pounds overweight for a 21 year old male if he is 6 feet tall?

No, it is not overweight. It is definitely on the heavier side, though, as the average is around 175-180, but it doesn't hit overweight unless you are 200+ lbs.

How far did the home run go that Ron Paul hit in the 2009 Congessional Baseball Game hit?

It went about 3600 feet

How many kids get killed by getting hit by a car each year?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5,000 pedestrians under the age of 15 are injured and approximately 200 are killed each year after being hit by a car in the United States.

What year did Michael Jordan hit a home run during baseball practice?

in year 1997