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No, this is not allowed, this would be known as testing the putting surface before taking your stroke and would come with a two stroke penalty. In matchplay you may putt on any green on the course prior to the beginning of your match, and after a hole is finished. But not before you take your stroke on any hole.

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2009-05-26 20:41:18
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Q: Can YOU practice putting on the green before you have putted your own ball into the hole?
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In golf what do you call the area for putting called?

This is called a putting green. It can also be called a practice green.

In golf what do you call the area of putting?

On each hole, it's just the green. The practice putting area is called the putting green.

Do you have to pay to putt on practice green?

Not that I've ever heard, putting on a practice green at a public golf course in the USA is free.

Is practice putting allowed after hole is completed?

Rule 7-2 provides a decision, a player must not make a practice stroke during the play of one hole. In between two holes they may not take a practice stroke, but may practice chipping or putting on or near the previous putting green, the practice putting green or the teeing ground. But no stroke may be taken from a hazard.

When putting on the PGA Tour if the first putt goes off the green is the next stroke considered to be a putt?

The first putt is counted as a putt, if the next shot is played from off the green or putted on from the fringe, it is not considered a putt.

Where can one purchase a golf putting green?

There are several options available when you wish to purchase a portable putting green. Locally, The Home Depot sells indoor practice putting greens. Online you can purchase an indoor putting green from Amazon or eBay. For a large green, a specialty company such as Putters Edge can be contacted.

Where can a practice putting green be purchased?

Practice putting greens can be purchased as many golf shops and big box stores. Online dealers include nextag, amazon, Golf Town, and Steve Laporte's website. There are many options for practice putting greens available.

How do you practice by yourself on world golf tour?

By practicing on the driving range or putting green of a golf course.

What material should I use to make a putting green in my back yard?

You should have a strip of turf and a golf hole to make a putting green. You need to make sure the ground is flat and level before you start to build your putting green.

Were can I buy a putting green?

To practice your golfing at home is an awesome idea because you can save on time and gas. A few places that have putting greens are Toys R Us and Home Depot.

Can you touch the green before putting?

Yes you can but you can not test the surface for example you can touch the green to regain balance you can touch the green to remove debris etc. But you can not "rub" the green to test the surface condition.

Where can I buy a putting green online?

"Action Putting Greens" has a website at They sell many artificial-style greens and offer free samples before you buy.

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