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Yes, people that play for the NHL-USA can still play for the Canadian Olympic team. (Sydney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins/ Team Canada)

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Q: Can US players be on Canadian Olympic team?
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Why did the US begin using professional basketball players for the Olympic team?

Because they were allowed to

The Olympic US beach volleyball team has how many team members?

Two players are on each team. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the US has eight players, two mens teams and two womens teams.

Who were the first professional basketball players to play for the US Olympic men's basketball team?

LeBron James

Which players have scored a hat-trick against the US women's soccer team?

In the 2012 Olympic Semifinals Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canadian WNT scored a hat trick (they still lost though).

Are the U.S Olympic baseball players professionals?

Yes, 22 of the 23 players on the 2008 US Olympic baseball team play in the minor leagues (14 AAA, 7 AA, 1 A) and the other player is in college. Click on the '2008 US Olympic Baseball Team' link below to see the roster.

What are the names of the players on the US olympic softball team?

There are retired and new players so go to and click womens fastpitch and then click roster and you will have there names.

Did Herb Brooks pick the 1980 US Olympic team on the first day of tryouts?

Close, but not quite. Herb Brooks picked the 1980 US Olympic team over the course of 2 days. He chose 20 players in total.

Virgin islands Olympic team?

Yes the US Virgin Islands has an olympic team.

Are NHL players paid in US funds or Canadian?

US if they live in usa and Canadian if they live in Canada

What is the nickname of the US Olympic basketball team?

Dream Team

What is the salary of the US olympic volleyball players in 2008?


How is the US Olympic team Financed?

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