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In the 2012 Olympic Semifinals Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canadian WNT scored a hat trick (they still lost though).

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Q: Which players have scored a hat-trick against the US women's soccer team?
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100 Poole

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Only 3 players have scored from the half-way line is soccer since 1950. Xavi Alonso for Liverpool( EPL 2008) and Hugo Roddelega(EPL 2010) for Wigan and Maradona for Argentina. ( International '79)

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Who scored the first heartrick in the history of soccer?

Bert Patenaude is the player who scored the first hat trick in the history of soccer. He was a United States player and scored against Paraguay in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.

What sport gave 3 goals a hattrick?

I am not sure but I think it is Hockey and Soccer

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