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Q: Can Texas scramble be played as stableford?
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When was Brian Stableford born?

Brian Stableford was born in 1948.

What is Howard Stableford's birthday?

Howard Stableford was born on April 12, 1958.

When was Howard Stableford born?

Howard Stableford was born on April 12, 1958.

How old is Howard Stableford?

Howard Stableford is 53 years old (birthdate: April 12, 1958).

What is a golf scramble?

a golf scramble is another name for a Texas scramble on every hole everyone tees off then you choose the best drive then everyone plays for there then you choose the best second shot and play from there and continue this for the round

What movie and television projects has Howard Stableford been in?

Howard Stableford has: Played Presenter (1984) in "Newsround" in 1972. Played himself in "Celebrity Squares" in 1975. Played Himself - Host (1984) in "Beat the Teacher" in 1984. Played himself in "Stars Reunited" in 2003. Played himself in "50 Terrible Predictions" in 2005. Played himself in "Earth: The Climate Wars" in 2008. Played Himself - Reporter in "Bang Goes the Theory" in 2009.

How many drives in a Texas scramble?

1 for each player, each team then plays from their best place.

What is ice scramble?

It's... scramble!

What is a sentence of scramble?

When I lost my balance, I had to scramble for safety. She can scramble my eggs any time.

How do you scramble the word scramble?

The letters in scramble will also spell clambers.

What is an anagram for scramble?

An anagram for scramble is clambers.

What is the penalty for teeing off in the wrong area in golf stableford?