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Q: Can Steve Nash dunk a basketball?
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Can Steve Nash dunk?

Steve Nash can actually dunk, he did it during his charity event; he just does not during games

Is Steve Nash a Christian?

Steve Nash is an Anglican. Steve Nash is a basketball player

Can anybody not dunk in the NBA?

Earl Boykins and Steve Nash can't dunk.

When did Steve Nash play basketball in the US?

Steve Nash play basketball in santa Clara in 1992-93 season.

What is the value of a Steve Nash basketball card?

his # is _______

What was Steve Nash's favorite hobbies?


Is rick Nash and Steve Nash brothers?

Rick Nash (NHL Hockey player) and Steve Nash (NBA Basketball player) are not brothers.

Who a famous person that playes basketball?

to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash

Why is Steve Nash famous?

Steve Nash is famous because he is a basketball player and he was voted MVP twice!:)

How did Steve Nash start playing Basketball?

Steve Nash started playing basket ball in 1996

Are Rick and Steve Nash related?

Rick and Steve Nash are not related to one another. Rick Nash is an American hockey player. Steve Nash is an American basketball player.

What is the value of an autographed Steve Nash basketball?


What is Steve Nash's favorite hobbies?

soccer and basketball

What inspired Steve Nash to play basketball?

his friends

Steve Nash favorite sports?

steve's favorite sports are basketball and soccer

What is Steve Nash's position on the basketball court?

point guard

How does Steve Nash feel about basketball?

hi like pie

Who is captain Canada for basketball?

Captain Canada is Steve Nash

Who are the most famous Canadian basketball player?

Steve Nash

What sports did Steve Nash play as a kid?

Soccer and Basketball

What shoe size does Steve Nash wear?

Steve Nash wears a size 11.5 shoe. Steve Nash is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who is better Steve Nash or rajon rondo?

Rajon Rondo Steve Nash by FAR! Ask anybody they would say Steve Nash well besides the person who wrote rajon rondo before, but i know basketball, its soooo Steve Nash

How much does Steve Nash weigh?

Steve Nash weighs close to 180 pounds and he is 6' 3' tall. Steve is a professional American basketball player.

Who won the Lou Marsh Trophy in 2005?

Steve Nash - Basketball

How long has Steve Nash been playing basketball?

16 Years