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Soccer and Basketball

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Q: What sports did Steve Nash play as a kid?
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Did Steve Nash divorce his wife because the kid was black?

Yes. The kid is Jason Richardson's.

Why is Steve Nash called Kid Canada?

because he is from Canada

What did Steve Nash want to be wen he was a little kid?

a soccer player

Who is Steve Nash's hero?

he once said he looked up to isiah thomas as a kid

Did Eminem play any school sports And which sports?

Football, Soccer as a kid

Can a kid play schools sports if he is homeschooled?

Kids can play sports when homeschooled but not with A school but with privet team.

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Yes your kid should play sports especially football thats just my aspect though but if they have alot of energy then deffinetly and they also need the excercise and if you dont have the money for sports get a football or a basketball hope or something for your kid to get active thats it and i know this because i am a kid answering this question so ya.

Did Beyonce play any sports?

When she was a kid she probably did but not anymore.

Did Elvis Presley play any sports as a kid?


What sports did john Wayne play as a kid?

Boxing and football.

Did Kid Rock play sports in high school?

yes they did it but sometimes they don't

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Amelia played basketball as a kid

Did author Audrey wood play any sports as a kid?

Yes! he played a couple.

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i think he did not play any spots

What sports did Kobe Bryant play as a kid?

i don't know please try again later...

What sports did Justin Bieber play when he was a kid?

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Why should kids wait to play sports until a certain age?

they (the elementry kid) dont have enough time and need more time for learning.They should play some sports though. :D

How do Japanese chrildren do in there leisure time?

uhm like any kid?? they'd play, watch tv, play sports. that's what they do most.

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