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Q: Can NFC and AFC players be traded from one conference to the other?
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What conference are the jets in?


What conference are the raiders in?

The AFC or American Football Conference

What conference are the colts in?


What Conference are the Oakland Raiders in?

The AFC or American Football Conference

What teams are in the Patriot conference?

The Patriots play in the American Football Conference and in that conference's Eastern Division. There are fifteen other teams in the conference -In the AFC EAST with the Patriots -New York JetsBuffalo BillsMiami DolphinsIn the AFC SOUTH -Indianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansJacksonville JaguarsHouston TexansIn the AFC NORTH -Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore RavensCleveland BrownsCincinnati BengalsIn the AFC WEST -Oakland RaidersSan Diego ChargersDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs

What conference are the Jacksonville Jaguars in?


What conference does the Denver Broncos play in?

The AFC or the American Football Conference.

What conference is the NFL Texans on?

The Texans are in the AFC South...they are not ON any conference.

What does AFC mean?

In the National Football League, AFC stands for American Football Conference.

What conference is Tennessee Titans in?

The AFC South

Who lost the AFC and NFC conference championship games this year?

AFC: Jets NFC: Vikings

What is an AFC team in football?

AFC stands for the American Football Conference in the National Football League.