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AFC: Jets

NFC: Vikings

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2010-02-01 04:38:46
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Q: Who lost the AFC and NFC conference championship games this year?
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Did Ben Roethlisberger win any playoff games in his rookie year?

Yes, the Steelers defeated the New York Jets in the Divisional playoffs. They then lost the Conference championship to the New England Patriots.

Since their establishment in 1968 what conference championships has the Cincinnati Bengals appeared in?

The Cincinnati Bengals won their conference championships in 1981 against the Chargers, but lost in the Super Bowl game that year. The Bengals also won their championship in 1988, but again lost in the Super Bowl. They have not appeared in a conference championship game since 1988.

Why doesn't the PAC ten conference play a championship game?

Because you have to have 12 team in your conference to hold a conference championship game. That is the reason Colorado and Utah join the PAC 10 next year so they can conference championship game. Go Bears!

Best duke basketball season?

the year they won 37 games, 1986. Lost to Louisville in the championship game

Did phoenix suns win anything?

They have not won a championship but played the Bulls in 1996 in the championship but lost the series. They were 54-28 last year in the 2009-2010 season and got to the Western Conference Finals but they lost the series 4-2 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What year did Oklahoma go to bcs championship but lost big 12 championship?


What college conference won the most bowl games this year?

I think the Pac 10 has won five bowl games and lost none , giving it the most wins.

Who did auburn play in the 1957 national championship?

there wasn't any championship games that year

What will it take for the cowboys to play the cardinals in playoffs?

it all depends on the seeding. This year the only way they would play each other is to win both playoff games and meet in the conference championship.

Who is picked to win this year's super bowl?

Immediately after the 2009 season conference championship games were over, the oddsmakers installed the Colts as anywhere from 3.5 to 5 point favorites over the Saints.

Detroit Lions last playoff game?

The Detroit Lions last playoff appearance was 1999, their last conference championship was in 1957 also that was the year of their last championship.

What year did the Colts win their first championship?

The Colts first championship came in the 1958 season when they defeated the New York Giants in overtime, 23-17, in the NFL championship game. The Colts first conference championship was also in 1958.

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