Can Batista beat The Undertaker

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yes because hhh beat undertaker so can batista

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Q: Can Batista beat The Undertaker
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Did Undertaker beat Batista recently?

Yes he beat him at TLC

Will batista beat undertaker at TLC?

i heard that undertaker is going to keep the title until the royal rumble where he will lose it to batista...

In which match batista did beat the undertaker?

Cyber Sunday 2007: Batista defeated Undertaker (w/Stone Cold as special guest referee)

Why did undertaker hurt edge?

- Because the WWE writers told him to do it. - Because at a December Dismember (Batista vs. Undertaker) Edge came in the ring and beat The Undertaker. And let Batista won the WH championship.

How can you unlock ted debeiasie on svr 2009?

you will have to beat Batista and undertaker in a handicap match

Who is heavier Undertaker or Batista?


Will the undertaker beat batista at suvivors series in hell in a cell?

i think he will hell in a cell is undertakers best match he has more expierence i think the cyber Sunday match was only 2 show that batista could beat the undertaker but now its suvivors series nd i think undertaker will become a 6 time world champion nd probs lose it bak 2 batista after wrestlemania or maybe 2 Kane i think people are bored of batista as champ taker is a better champion his matches r more interstin Well edge came in and beat up undertaker and put batista on top of undertaker the ref pinned and batista won

Will Rey mysterio beat Undertaker at the 2010 royal rumble?

MAYBE, If Batista doesn't get involved in it.

Is batista better than undertaker?

No, No matter what Batista do he will never be bettter than Undertaker.

Is undertaker a Filipino?

No! but Batista is.

Is the undertaker a filipino What does that mean?

no. but batista is

Are batista and undertaker friends?

no there rivals

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