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no, paint balls are several times larger than air soft bb's

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Q: Can An AEG Airsoft Gun Shoot Paintballs?
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Related questions

What is an AEG airsoft gun?

An AEG is a high quality, electric airsoft gun.

Can an airsoft gun shoot paintballs?

Yes, but not the big ones real paintball markers shoot. You can buy little paintballs made especially for airsoft guns. Technically no. There are no paintballs that work in an airsoft gun. HOWEVER, they do make marker bbs that are basically paintballs but they are bbs. I don't know exactly how they work but I know you will see paint.

Can BB guns shoot paintballs if they normally shoot 6mm bb's?

Paintballs are about 17mm, MUCH too large for an airsoft gun (and too heavy)

What does AEG means in Airsoft guns?

AEG means Airsoft Electric Gun

What aeg mean in airsoft guns?

automatic electric gun

Do pellets hurt more than paintballs?

Never shoot someone with a pellet gun. Pellets will break skin easily. however Airsoft pellets hurt much less then paintballs.

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

What can you shoot out of a paintball gun?

only shoot paintballs out of a marker.

Is it ok to use an AEG airsoft gun in snow?

You will lose velocity

How do you make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun?

You can't. If you want to make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun (AEG) it's simply like built an AEG from scratch. You need a new body (which means also a new inner and outer barrel, hop up chamber, and even the handguard), a whole gearbox, wiring, battery.... JUST BUY AN AEG. It's a lot cheaper.

Can you convert an Airsoft Bolt Action sniper into an AEG?

No, it is by nature a spring gun.

What are aeg guns?

Automatic Electric Gun - i.e. airsoft toys guns.

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