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it depends on which Ballet school you train at but most ballet schools work towards an end of year performance.

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Q: By getting in a ballet class at the end is there like an event?
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What is a ballet song?

a ballet song that i like to dance is the nutcracker that is what i like

What is lyrical ballet?

Lyrical ballet is like ballet but dancing and feeling the music.

How are ballet and modern similar dances?

they are not similar, in my modern dance class my teacher corrects me when I do the steps like a ballerina. But the only thing I can think of that ballet and modern go together in is rhythm.

Do guys like ballet dancers?

i am a guy and i can tell you i love ballet so your answer is yes guys do like ballet

How do you play ballet?

If by that you mean: "How do you DO ballet?" Very simple. And complicated. Like this.Classical music, a classroom with a teacher (preferably an experienced veteran with a real choreographer's natch), and the appropriate outfit for class.--A Long-Time Player of Ballet, Dane Youssef

What is vocational ballet?

Vocational ballet is a more intense ballet training that people wishes to become professionals take. This is why it is called 'vocational' ballet. Therefore, vocational ballet prepares you to be professional, it is more intense and demanding than normal ballet lessons. It does not include any free movement or character and is a serious, structured classical ballet syllabus. Some ballet schools offer the vocational exams as an extra, for example at my ballet school I am part of a group of 'students' who take one Grade class a week like normal pupils do but also have a vocational class, which in our case is intermediate foundation. The Royal Academy of Ballet in England offer a vocational course which consists of 5 grades.

Does Madison pettis do ballet?

she does not like ballet either at all.

Describe what Ballet dancing looks like?

Ballet is a graceful, swan like dance.

Can you help out with ballet class even if you are not very good?

Helping out with your ballet class is a good idea, but it would not be advisable to start helping out in Grades that you are not comfortable with like a harder ballet class. Even if you are not confident in the grade that you are doing, you can always help with younger grades or with the toddlers, as then they will look up to you as a role model and you will be able to establish the basic skills so that you are a better ballet dancer. I helped out in a toddler tap class for a dance school show, and all the young children thought I was amazing even though I wasn't that good at tap back then!

What is better the Russian ballet or English ballet?

It depends on your favorite type of dance. If you like more modern ballet, you would go with the English ballet. If you enjoy classical ballet, you would probably vote Russian. Personally, I like both.

How do you pronounce the word ballet as in the Mexican dance ballet folkloric?

The word "ballet" is pronounced like "bah-lay"

What event happens every week?

Events Like ChurchThat would depend on where you live and what you class as an event. To me an event is a special occasion like a dance, exhibition etc, not going to church,,so.........think of what it means to you,

What is the name of a dance that uses moves like ballet but isn't ballet?


Why did Mikhail Baryshnikov decide to dance?

His mother was a die hard balletomane (ballet fanatic). He was the athletic type--into rugby, soccer, swimming and the like. But his mother put him in ballet class because she was so into the sport. He was the ripe age of 12, but his determination, physical prowess and enthusiasm put him near the top of the class very soon.After his mother's suicide, he put himself into ballet completely.

What is a ballet scholarship?

A Ballet Scholarship is like a normal scholarship, but to some sort of speciality Ballet College, School or association.

Is it ok that im a guy and like to dance like ballet and jazz?

yeah... ballet needs more guys

How do you spell ballete?

not like that. ballet :)

Where can you get a babysitting certification?

A babysitting class, it's not like getting your Drivers License.

What rhymes with ballet?

baycachedayclaygray, greyplaypaypraypreysleighweighwaytraythaystayswayconveydisplayessayJoseportrayokaysurveyeverydayUSAsprayBallet.ChalletChalet, valet.Toupee kinda rhymes with ballet. Like if you said I went to a ballet. A man was wearing a toupeeallaysashay

How do you get barber class aqw?

The Barber class was a special event class like pumpkin lord it is pretty rare because it will probaly not be available again sry :)but you could get rouge class it has the same attack.

What will Ballet shoes be like in the future?

Ballet shoes will be in high heel form. YOU ARE GAYTime will tell. Probably things like Gaynors and ballet tongs will be everyday outdoor wear like Ballet flats. And yes, ballet slippers will probably come with heels and platform style. The same can be said of jazz and modern dance-shoes.

What do you have to wear to ballet class?

You should wear a black leotard (any style) and pink or white tights. Wear pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes. Hair must be secured in a ponytail or a bun. optional- add a black or pink ballet skirt if you would like. boys- black shorts and white shirt. Wear black ballet shoes. Bring a water bottle.

Does the royal family like ballet?

Lady Diana did, in fact she performed in a ballet herself with a partner.

What artist like to paint ballet live?

Edgar Degas is known for painting ballet scenes.

What is the definition of artistic dance?

This means it tells a story (like ballet). * artistic dance means to tell a story * like ballet