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Q: What is the name of a dance that uses moves like ballet but isn't ballet?
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Is the dance instructor in the celebrex dancing commercial a ballet dancer?

She moves like she might be.

What is a ballet song?

a ballet song that i like to dance is the nutcracker that is what i like

How do you do ballet?

Well, I suggest you do some research, like looking at nearby dance schools. Ballet is a complex art that requires flexibility, strength, and grace. It takes many years for anyone to master. It is quite difficult how to explain how to dance ballet since there are so many moves that you will learn

What is the difference between ballet and Jazz?

well ballet is more like more slower then jazz well, i dont know alot about ballet but i know about jazz i take jazz and you do more fast moves then ballet plus the musc is faster and the dance moves are quicker and less complicated.Ballet i tried it and it was hard for me because you should start off at a early age and they are very difficult moves while jazz anyone could learn easily.

What is tap dance made of?

tap dance is made up of ballet. every dance whether its hip hop or jazz your have 2 have a ballet training.

What are the dance moves to Just Dance?

There are many like ballet , tango , breakdance and more... but in my opinion the breakdance is the best one. I wish this answer is helpful. Enjoy

Describe what Ballet dancing looks like?

Ballet is a graceful, swan like dance.

How do you pronounce the word ballet as in the Mexican dance ballet folkloric?

The word "ballet" is pronounced like "bah-lay"

What is the definition of artistic dance?

This means it tells a story (like ballet). * artistic dance means to tell a story * like ballet

Is it ok that im a guy and like to dance like ballet and jazz?

yeah... ballet needs more guys

Name of dance moves in street dance?

in street dance they have different moves like hip-hop.

What is better the Russian ballet or English ballet?

It depends on your favorite type of dance. If you like more modern ballet, you would go with the English ballet. If you enjoy classical ballet, you would probably vote Russian. Personally, I like both.

Is it ok for a guy to like to dance Ballet and Jazz?


How many people dance ballet?

thousands alot of people like ballet because it is physical but also artistic

Ballet-where did the word come from?

I take Ballet in Singapore. I have been in many shows like Sleeping Beauty. The word โ€œballetโ€ is from Italy. โ€œBallareโ€ in Italian means โ€œto danceโ€. Although the term โ€œballetโ€ is from Italy, all our different movements and positions of legs and arms come from France.

Can you give me information about dancing?

There are many different forms of dancing. There is ballet (elegant, graceful), tap (upbeat, lots of feet movement), hip-hop (a more informal dance that can involve break-dancing-like moves), jazz (a combinatin of hip-hop and ballet), or just formal dancing. There are many dance classes avalible in most areas.

Does Cameron Boyce like to dance?

.He Love to Dance because he knows ballet, tap, breakdance etc

What is the difference between form of dance from type of dance?

Form of dance is a category, like ballet, but there are different types in some categories.

What is a dance that includes momvment like grande jets?

yes, ballet

Should you take Jazz or hip hop dance?

Jazz and hip hop are two completely different dances. Hip hop is more if you like being freestyle and making sharp moves, and hip hop costumes are sweats and a sweater or a t-shirt etc. Jazz dance requires precision. You must point toes and do split leaps etc. Jazz and ballet go together. If you take ballet, it will improve the way you do in any other dance. Jazz is an upbeat and fun version of ballet.

What is Chinese dance?

it is a dance that teaches us the culture of Chinese. We also learnt to be flexible. Chinese dance is also something like ballet and gymnastics. SEE ALSO GYMNASTICS OR BALLET. by faith

Where does turn out come from dance?

Ballet! Turnout is important in all dance styles, except hiphop like styles

What dance is like modern dance?

Modern dance consists of dancing to different music such as African. I consider it to be most like jazz in how your body moves and what muscles are being used; however, it doesn't use the same moves. The moves are sum what like yoga in that you express your body's energy and "flow" through dance.

What is your favorite type of dance?

I have to say... my favorite type of dance is contemporary/lyrical. It's like a mixture of ballet and jazz.

Why do people dance contemporary dance?

(I think) It is because they do not want to dance Ballet. According to what I have heard, Contemporary is supposed to be against Ballet, and it was supposed to be for people who want to break free from the rules of Ballet. The woman that invented Contemporary probably learned Ballet and probably found it very restricted and questioned about (e.g.) why the positions were like that and why she could not do it another way. I think that is why she invented Contemporary.