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Q: What is the name of a dance that uses moves like ballet but isn't ballet?
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Is the dance instructor in the celebrex dancing commercial a ballet dancer?

She moves like she might be.

What are the dance moves to Just Dance?

There are many like ballet , tango , breakdance and more... but in my opinion the breakdance is the best one. I wish this answer is helpful. Enjoy

What is a ballet song?

a ballet song that i like to dance is the nutcracker that is what i like

Describe what Ballet dancing looks like?

Ballet is a graceful, swan like dance.

What is the definition of artistic dance?

This means it tells a story (like ballet). * artistic dance means to tell a story * like ballet

How do you do ballet?

Well, I suggest you do some research, like looking at nearby dance schools. Ballet is a complex art that requires flexibility, strength, and grace. It takes many years for anyone to master. It is quite difficult how to explain how to dance ballet since there are so many moves that you will learn

How do you pronounce the word ballet as in the Mexican dance ballet folkloric?

The word "ballet" is pronounced like "bah-lay"

Is it ok that im a guy and like to dance like ballet and jazz?

yeah... ballet needs more guys

Name of dance moves in street dance?

in street dance they have different moves like hip-hop.

Is it ok for a guy to like to dance Ballet and Jazz?


What is the difference between ballet and Jazz?

well ballet is more like more slower then jazz well, i dont know alot about ballet but i know about jazz i take jazz and you do more fast moves then ballet plus the musc is faster and the dance moves are quicker and less complicated.Ballet i tried it and it was hard for me because you should start off at a early age and they are very difficult moves while jazz anyone could learn easily.

What is tap dance made of?

tap dance is made up of ballet. every dance whether its hip hop or jazz your have 2 have a ballet training.

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