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it is a good game

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Q: Benefits on your health from playing netball?
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What are the mental health benefits of playing netball?

The mental health benefits of playing any sport is that it increases endorphin release. It also decreases stress while it increases your heart rate.

What are the physical benefits of playing netball?

hand eye co-ordination

Benefits from netball?

The benefits from netball are fittness, agility, speed and overall it is extremely fun and fastpaced.

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

What is the playing area for netball?

the playing area for netball is a court :P

What are the health benefits of playing American football?


What are the health benefits of playing the sport of handball?


Does playing netball benefit your health?

Benefits of playing netball include:You keep fitLose weightBuild up on your musclesMake new friendsHave something to do out of schoolStay healthyIs lots of funLearn new skills like: running, catching, throwing, coordination, stop and start, dodging, team work etc.Something to do on the weekendIts good for your mental health to play sportSomething you can get your friends to join as wellI hope that answered your question!

What are the social benefits of playing netball?

You meet new people, make new friends and improve your teamwork/cooperation.

What health benefits in rugby?

Playing rugby offers various health benefits. Like any form of exercise, playing rugby can improve a person's mood and help control weight.

Can you describe the health and fitness benefits of playing football-soccer?


What clothes should you wear for playing netball?

netball uniform

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