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4 games

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Q: Before the games were called super bowls they were championship games how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?
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Before the games were called super bowls they were called championships how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

0.The Steelers first NFL championship came in Super Bowl IX (1974 season).

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers before they were called the Steelers?

When Pittsburgh joined the NFL in 1933, they were called the Pittsburgh Pirates. The name was changed to Steelers in 1940.AnswerDuring WWII they also formed a team the with the Eagles for one season and were called the Steagles. Pittsburgh Steelers won the 2008-2009 superbowl...i myself live in Cleveland and are the biggest steelers fan...

What are the Pittsburgh Steelers fans called?

"Steelers Fans"

What is the field called that the Pittsburgh Steelers play at?

The Pittsburgh Steelers play at Heinz Field.

What were the Pittsburgh Steelers called when they first formed into a group?

When the Steelers were founded in 1933, they were known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Were the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team ever called the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, they were not. However the Pittsburgh Steelers football team was known as the Pirates from 1933-1939.

What is the pro football team in Pittsburgh called?

The Steelers.

Before Super Bowls were called Super Bowls how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

Prior to the 'Super Bowl Era', the Steelers won zero championships.

Is Pittsburgh the steel city?

Yes it is, that's why their football team is called the Pittsburgh Steelers

Where did the Pittsburgh Steelers get the name Steelers from?

They were originally called the Pirates, but because of all of the steel mills, the name was changed to Steelers.

What was the name of the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium before being named heinz field?

Before it was named Heinz Field it was called the Three Rivers Stadium

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium now called?

The Steelers have been playing at Heinz Field since 2001.

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