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The Steelers have been playing at Heinz Field since 2001.

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Q: What is the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium now called?
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What stadium did the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys play in for the 1996 Super Bowl?

On January 28, 1996, the Steelers and Cowboys played Super Bowl XXX at Sun Devil Stadium, located in Tempe, Arizona. The stadium is now called Frank Kush Field.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers' record at Cowboys Stadium?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 0-and-1 against the Dallas Cowboys at the Arlington, Texas arena now known as AT&T Stadium. On December 16, 2012, the Cowboys defeated the Steelers in overtime, 27-24. Pittsburgh also was unsuccessful in its only other appearance at the Cowboys' home stadium. On February 6, 2011, the Green Bay Packers defeated them in Super Bowl XLV, 31-25.

What nicknames do the Pittsburgh Steelers have right now for their team?

Currently, the Steelers do not have a nickname.

Who do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a rivalry with?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns But now the steeler's biggest rivalry is The Pittsburgh Steelers vs The Baltimore Ravens The Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles are some what of rivals because both teams are in Pennsylvania.

Where is Matt Bahr of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Matt is now a design engineer in Pittsburgh, PA.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC?

Yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers were an AFC Central team from 1970-2001. They now play in the AFC North (2002-present).

Who is 36 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jerome Bettis but is now since retired.

Who is number 43 on the Pittsburgh Steelers right now?

Troy Polamalu

What was the color of the Pittsburgh Steelers first helmet?

Yellow, but now they are black.

How many Pittsburgh Steelers players now have six rings and who are they?

None of the current Steelers have 6 Super Bowl rings.

Which former Pittsburgh Steelers player is now a judge?

Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) Court of Common Pleas Judge Dwayne Woodruff.

Who was the first team the Pittsburgh Steelers ever beat?

The first regular season victory in Steelers franchise history came on September 27, 1933 when the Pittsburgh Pirates, as the Steelers were known then, defeated the Chicago Cardinals, now the Arizona Cardinals, 14-13.

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