Baton team names

Updated: 12/9/2022
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elite, the stars, the (whatever)ettes, dynamite, champions, twirlerama, twirlfest, twirlit, angel twirling corps, superstars, etc

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Q: Baton team names
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Where you can buy a baton?

You Can buy a conductors baton at most band or music stores. you can buy a baton twirling baton online or at a competition. be sure to have your arm measured before you buy one. i recommend sharp baton (what i use for team routines), star baton (what i use for individual routines), or abc baton.

What is relay running?

A relay is a race in which there are several runners in a team and they all run a short distance with a baton and pass this baton to the next team member who runs the next length with it. The fastest team round the circuit wins. There is much skill in handing the baton over without losing speed (or dropping it!).

What is the number one football team in 2010?

Abraham baton

What is handed to one runner to another in a relay team?

It is a baton.

What do you need in a running relay team?

4 runners & a baton.

Where is LSU football team located?

Baton Rouge, LA

What is a good team with a baton passer ninjask?

having your mom pick it

Is elite cheer explosion a good cheerleading team?

# Yes it is the best team in baton rouge, La..

In relay races what happens if you drop the baton?

if the person drops the baton he has to pick it up and then hand it to his team mate as the one waiting on the baton cannot pick it up if it didn't fall from him.

Who ues a baton?

runners use batons in marathons - in team races where they pass the baton when they switch turns majorettes use batons when they twirl - thin metal batons! :)

Can a team still win if they drop the baton?

At the 2012 California state meet, St Mary's dropped the baton in the 4x4 relay. The announcer kept saying they were disqualified. How unknowledgeable for an announcer to make such a statement. The team is only disqualified if the baton falls to the inside of the track and it gives them an advantage by running less distance or if they run into an inside lane to gain a shorter distance or if they impede another runner then that would be a judge's call.

The best non uber baton passer for this team Blissey SalamenceSkarmory Genger and Eletivire?