Basketball losing air

Updated: 10/25/2022
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has a hole in it.

Or it could just be a bit deflated over time.

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Q: Basketball losing air
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What does the air in a basketball do?

The air in a basketball lets the basketball bounce.

It pops because of how much air there is in. The air takes over and makes the basketball rip. Too much air can cause a reaction to the basketball. Why does a basketball pop?

a basketball is kinda like a ballon if it has to much air it pops

How large a room of air is packed into a basketball at 8psi?

The answer depends on the pressure when the air is let out of the basketball.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.

Is a basketball a gas?

both because Basketball is hard and it air.

Why does a basketball need to be filled with air?

A basketball needs to be filled with air because if you didn't it wouldn't bounce.

Does a full basketball weigh the same as a flat basketball?

No, because the full basketball includes the mass of the air, unless you don't include the air, then they are the same.

How much does a basketball weigh with and without air?

How much a basketball weighs depends on the size of the ball. A regular size 29.5 inch basketball weighs 22 ounces with air and without air.

Is normal air in a basketball?

No No No!!!!!!!!

Is a basketball a solid or gas?

both because basketball is hard and it air.

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

Why is a basketball bouncy?

Because, you see, the basketball is filled with AIR. Which makes it bounce.