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I'm a fourteen year old girl and I ran a 3.5 mile in 30 minutes. It kind of depends how old you are and how you're built.

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Q: Average time for a 3.5 mile run?
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How fast can the average 35 year old male run a mile?


What is the average time it takes to run 5 miles?

Well if your running at a 7 minute mile pace it would take about 35 mins.

What is the average time to walk a mile?

At least around 20-35 minutes.

What is the average 4 mile run for a woman?

If fit it should take between 30 - 35 minutes to run 4 miles.

How long should it take a 35 year old man to run a mile?

The time it takes for a 35 year old to run a mile depends on what kind of shape he is in. For those in very good shape, they would be able to run a mile under 5 minutes.

What is average time to run 500 yards?

35 seconds

What is the average 1.5 mile time for a 35 year old man?

9.5 minutes

Average mile time for a 14 year old girl?

It all depends on your physical being, but i'm 14 and can run a mile in like 6:35. anywhere between 6-9 is normal

What is the Average time for 5 kilometer run?

About 25-35 minutes.

What is the average 5K run time for women in their 40s?

35 mins

Is it average to run a mile in 9 minutes and 35 seconds?

No, that is terrible. Few people run a mile in more than 6 minutes. 5 minutes 30 seconds is about average. The fastst person ran it in 3minutes 58 seconds

Average 15 year old shuttle run time?

I resently ran a 5 minute 35 second (im 15) but it seems that most run the mile between 6:30 and 8:00.

What is the average time to run a 5 k race?

About 25-35 minutes.

Average high school mile time?

To be competitive, anything under 4:35(depending on the region). On average the time will be somewhere around 4:50.

What is a good mile time for a 7th grader who never ran before?

I don't know but I'm a 11 year old girl and I can run a 6minute 35 second mile.

How fast do you have to be to out run a tornado?

You can't run that fast. A tornado's speed can vary, but on average - and most of them stick pretty close to the average - they move at 35 mile an hour. The fastest sprinters barely make 25 MPH.

What is a good time for a 5 mile cross country run?

a good time would be 30 minutes. so that means you would have to run every mile in 6 minutes. so 30 minutes is a decent time. 30+ would be an ok time. 35+ a normal time. 40+ a bad time.

What was your minutes per miles for a 3.7 mile run done in 35 minutes?

Minutes per mile = 35/3.7 = 9.46 approx * * * * * * 9 minutes 27 seconds per mile

How fast can a tiger run a mile?

They can run 35-40 miles per hour, but for short distances.

What is the average time to run 5 km for female 41 year old?

35 to 45 minutes.

If you run 5 miles in 35 minutes how much is that?

1 mile in 7 minutes

What is a good mile time for a freshman girl?

Below 5:35

What is a good 4 mile run time for a 35 year old male?

40 minutes would be a pretty good time for that age group, a 10 minute mile is very common, and to sustain it for 40 minutes is pretty good.

How long does it take to travel 35miles by car at 35 mph?

Distance = Rate * Time or, for our purposes Time = Distance/Rate Time = 35 mile/35 mph = 1 hour

How fast can the average 48 year old man run a mile?

I'm a competitive runner aged 48 and believe the answer to this question varies wildly. If you went to a neighborhood 5K race and asked all the 48 year old men how fast they can run a mile, you would probably hear anything from 5:30 to 7:30 minutes. If you went to a National Master's Track & Field Championship event you might see a 48 year old run a 4:35 mile (or faster). To answer your question specifically: What can an average 48 year old man run a mile in? Taking into consideration your average 48 year old citizen (who doesn't necessarily run) will run a mile between 7:30-10:00. A select few "older" middle aged elete guys can run the socks off an average teenager.