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49 to 51 secs

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Q: Average time a college athlete runs the 400 meter?
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Average mile time for college athlete?

a good athlete keeps there mile around 6 minutes....U of W hockey team runs two in twelve

An athlete runs 100 meters in 12.5 seconds what is his average speed?


An athlete can run 9 kilometersin 1 hour if an athlete runs at the same time average speed for 30 minutes how far will the athele travel?

4.5 kilometers

What is the origin for athlete?

the origin for athlete is the a person who runs take track and works out

How many times has Somalia competed in the Olympic Games?

The 2008 Games will be Somalia's 7th time competing. No Somalian athlete has won an Olympic medal. The 2008 team will have two athletes. Samiyo Yusuf will compete in the women's 400 meter and 800 meter runs and Abdinasir Sneed will compete in the men's 5000 and 10000 meter runs.

What athlete runs the most during a game?


If athlete runs race of 100 m and is time is 10.0 what is average speed?

10 metres/ second, 36 km/h, 22.5 MPH

If an athlete runs once around a track back to the starting line is her average velocity zero?

Yes, the lazy bum has done no work at all.

What is the average distance a college basketball player runs in a game?

2 miles From Principal Barnoldy Harlodson ----

What do you call a person who runs very long races?

Marathon athlete

An athlete runs a mile in 4.27 minutes what is his average speed in miles per hour?

In 4.27 minutes he runs 1 mile so in 60 minutes he will run 60*1/4.27 = 14.05 miles (to 2 dp)

In the 1600 meter relay each person runs meters?

In the 1600 meter relay, each person runs 400 meters

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