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1999, I believe!

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Q: Australian rules football when did north Melbourne last win a grand final?
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Where is the AFL Grand Final?

The AFL ("Australian Football League") Grand Final is in Melbourne, Australia. It is always the last Saturday in September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground or "MCG".

Does Australian Rules football have super bowl?

An Australian rules football season culminates in a 'Grand Final' which is similar in meaning to a super bowl. The Australian Football League (national competition) usually has its Grand Final in September (sometimes October depending on scheduling). The 2010 AFL grand final between Collingwood and St Kilda attracted 100,016 fans.

When does the AFL rematch grand final start?

This Saturday the 2nd october, the game starts at 2.10pm Melbourne Australian time.

How many people watch Australian football?

at a football macth there could be 20,000-80,000. but in a grand final ther could be 120,000

What city is the Australian grand slam of tennis held?


When was the Australian grand prix held?

The Australian GP 2010 was held in Melbourne, on March, 28

Who won the first Australian football league rules grand final?

the Essendon Bombers thank me later on

Who won the 1999 AFL grand final?

north Melbourne

Who won the 1996 AFL grand final?

north Melbourne

Will Melbourne Storms get 4 grand finals stripped?

No, only the 2009 grand final.

Who won the afl grand final in the year 2000?

Essendon won the 2000 AFL grand final over Melbourne.

What was the largest sports crowd in Australia?

Melbourne vs St George grand final 1999, 104,583 spectators 121,696 in the 1970 Australian rules grand final at the MCG but i think cricket got the biggest crowd of 130,000+ there but I'm not sure.

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