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The Australian GP 2010 was held in Melbourne, on March, 28

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Q: When was the Australian grand prix held?
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When was Australian Grand Prix created?

Australian Grand Prix was created in 1928.

What is the Australian Grand prix?

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is an annual motor racing event held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at Albert Park in Melbourne since 1996. Traditionally it is the opening race of the Formula 1 season (excluding 2006 and 2010 where it was the 2nd race). Previous locations where the Australian Grand Prix has been held include; Adelaide, Calder and Phillip Island.

When did Australian grand prix start?

near Sydney, it is generally accepted that the Australian Grand Prix began as the 100 Miles Road Race held at the original Phillip Island road circuit in 1928

What city is the Monaco Grand prix in?

The Monaco Grand Prix is held in Monte Carlo.

In which Grand Prix did Felipe Massa make his debut?

Australian Grand Prix

Who won the 2007 F1 Australian Grand Prix?

Kimi Raikkonen, who win the 2007 Australian Grand Prix

How many races has Jenson Button won in his career?

Jenson Button has won 13 Grand Prix in his career: 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix 2009 Australian Grand Prix 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix 2009 Spanish Grand Prix 2009 Monaco Grand Prix 2009 Turkish Grand Prix 2010 Australian Grand Prix 2010 Chinese Grand Prix 2011 Canadian Grand Prix 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix 2011 Japanese Grand Prix 2012 Australian Grand Prix He was the 2009 World Champion with the Brawn GP team.

What is the official site of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix?

The official website of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix is

When is the Australian moto grand prix?

The MotoGP race in Australia will be held on Oct. 18/2009 at Phillip Island.

Where is the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix usually held?

Phillip Island, just off the coast outside Melbourne

What Australian city hosts the grand prix car race?

The F1 race is held in Melbourne at Albert Park.

What years did Michael Schumacher win the Australian Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher won the Australian Grand Prix in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004.

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