Are you sure the parent sport of football is not rugby?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There has been some discussion over this. However, Rugby is not the parent sport of football. The name football originated from Europe, and the sport was invented by a very smart person!

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Q: Are you sure the parent sport of football is not rugby?
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When was rugby created?

Per the "Rugby Football History" link, below, although no one is sure, it is widely accepted that the sport of Rugby was created by William Webb Ellis in 1823.

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I'm not sure of precise figures on either sport, however I do know that it is VERY rare that a Rugby player will die from injuries sustained during a match. Many player's careers have been ended due to broken bones etc. But in my years of being a rugby fan I can't remember one death. That's not saying there haven't been any, but it is a rarity.

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