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Yes! you should it is better

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Q: Are you suppossed to wear underwear under compression shorts?
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Do you were underwear under compression shorts?

I do not as they will show my underwear line more. I am a girl It all depends on your personal preference.

Do you wear underwear under compression shorts?

Seems totally unneeded, but whatever floats your boat.

What do footballers wear under their shorts?

compression shorts

How do you wear compression shorts?

You wear compression shorts like boxer-briefs under soccer kits ect. They are comfortable to wear but kind of like tight underwear. The nylon- lycra type are comfortable to wear. Compression shorts are tight but not too tight, and are very comfortable to wear. I would not recommend wearing any underwear under them. Some are designed to use a "cup" for certain sports. They are fine just the way they are, even for non-sports reasons. They can be worn as underwear most of the time.

What are the short tights under shorts called?

spandex/ compression shorts

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

What to wear under volleyball shorts?

your underwear nothing special

What are the compression shorts?

They are worn by athletes. They help prevent chafing. They are stretchy and comfortable, like spandex, and typically worn under other shorts. Companies such as Nike and Underarmor make them. Men wear these shorts instead of underwear to keep their genitalia from uncomfortable movement.

Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

How do you put on a football cup?

put it in the pocket of your jockstrap/ compression shorts and slip it on under everything. make sure you don't have on underwear under it or any other clothing because it will not be tight enough against your body.

Should boys wear underwear under swim shorts?

No, because there is already a liner to the shorts. Also, most underwear is of a heavier material that would take longer to dry.

What materials are Under Armour compression shorts made out of?

Under Armour makes a collection of athletic wear that is thin, flexible, and insulating. The compression shorts, for example, are made from a special form of synthetic microfiber.

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