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no, youll be called for a travel. no matter how you hold the ball, you cannot take three steps.

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Q: Are you allowed to take 3 steps in basketball while holding the ball in 1 hand?
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How many steps can be taken while dribbling the basketball?

You're allowed to take as many steps as needed while dribbling the basketball, but while not dribbling and driving to the hoop, you're only allowed 2 steps while holding the basketball running towards the goal.

How many steps are you allowed while in bounding the basketball?

By rule you are allowed (1) one step either side of the designated spot!

Are you allowed to dribble while inbounding the basketball from out of bounds?


What is it called when a person takes too many steps while playing basketball?


What can you play with a ball and net?

basketball where someone is holding the net while you shoot and then you take turns

What its pivoting in basketball?

Pivoting is a technique in basketball where a player holding the basketball keeps one foot stationary while moving the other foot, it is often used to avoid traveling

Is slapping allowed in basketball?

No there isn't allowed slapping in basketball. If you want to, you can try and take the ball away from another person while dribbiling. Just try not to hit them. Then you would get a foul.

What are five sports rules?

basketball: you have to bounce the ball while moving apart from the last 2 steps you cant bounce the ball with both hands not allowed to step over the line when taking a freethrow you cant sheperd somebody not allowed to use your elbow to fend off

How many steps can a basketball player take while having the ball?

well you can take as many steps as you need but you have to dribble the ball if not dribbling, the max is 2.

Did basketball used to be 'mens only'?

Basketball was created for a boys gym class when they were bored, so naturally, like everything else at the time, girls weren't allowed. After a while, girls were allowed to play, but in skirts only. Finally, girls today are just as good at basketball as guys.

What is the meaning of up and down in basketball?

When you have possession of the ball, jump in the air with both feet leaving the ground, and land with the ball still in your possession. That is you landed without shooting, passing, or without getting it stolen. You may however shoot, get blocked, and land, which results in a jump ball. It is usually called a travel.

Am I allowed to knock the ball out of another player's hands while playing basketball?

Yes That IS Called stealing the ball out of somebody's hand

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