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No you aren't. Just because you can't tackle doesn't mean you don't have a great arm or great speed.

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Q: Are you a bad football player if you can't tackle well?
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Can a professional football player run out of bounds and then come back in and make a tackle legally?

Well if the professional football player has the ball then no cuz if you go out of bounds then you go out of bounds so.

What are the similarities between flag football and tackle football?

Well, mostly all the rules are the same, the only difference in the rules are the ones that have to do with contact. Tha whole point is also the same

Are there adult tackle football leagues in Maryland?

I know there are some teams from Maryland in the Diamond Football League, and there is an indoor football league as well.

Can you tackle them?

In FOOTBALL, you can tackle them any time you want! Well, except for when the whistle blows when the play ends or when a guy gets hurt... or when the game hasn't started yet.

What is the meaning of the words hitting?

Well it could mean many things. In baseball hitting is called connecting the ball with your bat. In football it means to tackle a player. Hitting could also mean a punch.

What does the defensive tackler do?

well asuming you mean football, the defesive tackle's job is to stop the attackers scoring and getting to their goal

What does it mean to tackle in soccer?

The closest thing to a rugby or football tackle in soccer is a shoulder charge where shoulder to shoulder contact is made. By the rules hip bumps and using arms, hands, or elbows are not permitted though some of this goes on without being called. Also a referee may elect to not call a foul if the team that is the victim of a foul still has possession of the ball especially while executing an attack. The term "tackle" in soccer refers to kicking the ball that is in possession of an opposing player. That player may or may not fall as a result. A successful tackle dispossesses the oppent of the ball by making contact with the ball first. It is still termed a tackle if there is no contact with the opposing player's foot and if the opposing player does not fall. Contact with the opposing player which causes that player to fall is generally permitted if contact is made with the ball first and if the tackle is not from behind the opposing player.

What type of game is touch football an example of?

Well, even though this question has been placed under Australian football, yet it has nothing to do with Aussie Rules. Touch football is normally a 'softer'/non-tackle version of rugby.

Why is the basketball being used?

Well you cant use a soccerball, baseball, dodgeball or a football.

What football player wore 36 in football?

"hmm well me not telling my name but turner

How can you become a Pittsburgh Steelers football player?

Play college football and play well.

What is jerad?

Well, Jerrod Johnson is a football player......