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Despite the fact that the integrity of the composite stick can be compromised with even minor nicks and cuts, most players choose them over wood because of their light weight and superior amount of flexibility the sticks provide which allows for greatly enhanced puck action. Composite sticks are also much more expensive.

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Q: Are wood hockey sticks better than composite hockey sticks?
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Are curved hockey sticks better than light weight hockey sticks?

Curved, light-weight hockey sticks are the best.

Do composite hockey sticks shoot faster than wood sticks?

Yes they do. And the reason why is because composite hockey sticks have flex usually at the middle part of the shaft or lower part of the shaft by the blade. A hockey stick flexing can be slighty compared to putting mashed potatoes on your spoon, pulling back, and letting it fly.

Is a Base hockey stick better than a rgular hockey stick?

YES THEY ARE. Best custom sticks on the market!

What is a compostite hockey stick?

These kinds of sticks are made of composite and are harder to break than wooden sticks. They are the best kind of stick for an advanced player.

Can you sand composite hockey sticks?

yes if it needs to be sanded than you can do it easly. just use a small grain sand paper

What are three current trends for composite ice hockey sticks?

One trend is that the current sticks are less than 200 cm long. Other trends are that they are made of aluminum and fiberglass and that old sticks are recycled.

What are Three differences between wood and composite hockey sticks?

1. Composite sticks tend to flex more, creating a whip effect and causing the puck to travel at higher velocities 2.Composite sticks are made of a combination of materials, frequently a fiberglass or carbon fiber shaft with a wood blade. 3. Composite sticks are weaker and break more frequently during play than wood sticks do.

How much does a goalie stick weigh?

It all depends on the stick that you buy. There are wooden sticks and composite sticks. The Wooden sticks are much heavier than composite sticks so most goalies prefer composite. Usually the Composite sticks are about 600 to 700 grams.

What weight is an ice hockey stick?

It ranges between approximately 385-500 grams. But there are also heavier sticks out there. Wooden sticks are often (but not always) heavier than the ones made out of newer materials such as composite, graphite or fiberglass <500 grams. The weight of a composite hockey stick is determined by it's chemical composition of fiberglass, aluminum, Graphite, Kevlar, and Titanium. There are also mixed wood/composite or wood/graphite sticks, that's known as half-composite sticks. These keep the feeling of traditional wood sticks, but also has some of the abilities of the newer materials. It's weight varies, but generally, they're lighter than pure wood stick, but heavier than pure composite.

Are Astroturf hockey sticks more expensive than field hockey sticks?

Generally, they are both the same as far as I know.

What is the difference between junior and senior hockey sticks?

senior sticks are bigger and beefier than junior sticks

Is hockey better than swimming?

hockey is way better than suimming

How heavy is a hockey stick?

A newer hockey stick may weigh so less as 395 grams, but it varies through 300-500. The sticks made out of wood are often heavier than the one's made out of composite or graphite.

Are hockey defenceman sticks longer than forward?

yes they are

What are the benefits of using a wooden hockey stick over a composite hockey stick?

Weight; composites are far lighter than wooden or woodcore sticks and for some positions, this is better. Even then, it is still a preference. Other than this, there are just as many people in favour of each; each is claimed to break easier, vibrate more, wear down faster, feel unresponsive, etc.

Are carbon field hockey sticks good?

Most modern topline sticks are almost entirely graphite or carbon-fibre composite. There are also quite a few low-quality carbon sticks on the market, but generally, they are still of high enough standard to be considered at least average. In terms of whether they are better than wooden or woodcores, however, it is entirely a matter of personal taste and choice.

Are compisite hockey sticks better then wood sticks in harder shot?

That depends on who's using the stick. Give a beer league player a top-end composite stick and then give Sydney Crosby a $25 wood stick, who do you think would have the harder shot? Ultimately, the point and design of composite sticks is to manipulate the kick-point (where the shaft bends when taking a shot) to its lowest possible position on the shaft. The thinking is that the lower the kick-point, the harder the shot, the more accurate the shot, and the faster the release. Wood sticks have a mid kick-point (middle of the shaft). High-end composite sticks have the lowest kick-point while mid-level and price-point composite sticks have higher kick-points (but lower than a wood stick).

Are warrior sticks better than Bauer sticks?

I think a warrior stick is better char uses it

What characteristics does wood give to a hockey sticks?

Typically, a wood stick is heavier than a composite stick, but it's also considered (by some) to be more sturdy as well as give the player a better feel for the puck (hollow composite shaft vs. a solid wood shaft). Wood sticks also have a mid kick-point (where the shaft bends when a shot is taken) whereas a composite stick has a low kick-point. The difference being that the lower the kick-point, the quicker the release and the harder and more accurate the shot.

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Is a x 60 hockey stick better than a se16 hockey stick?

the se16 is better then the se16

What is the difference between ice hockey and field hockey?

Ice hockey is played on ice, while field hockey is played on a grass surface, the rules in field hockey are kinder than ice hockey, and the sticks vary between versions.

1 basketball 2 pairs of soccer cleats and 1 hockey sticks cost 71 2 hockey sticks 1 basketball and 1 pair of soccer cleats cost 64 how much are the cleats and the hocky sticks?

Only sure thing is that a pair of soccer cleats cost 7 dollars more than a hockey stick

Is a red light photon a higher energy than a radio photon?

he duble hockey sticks no.

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