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Q: Can you increase flex of a composite hockey stick that is too stiff?
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Should a field hockey stick be stiff or flexible?

Somewhere in the middle; some players prefer a stiff stick while others like a flexible one. It is up to each player.

Can you use a ice hockey stick for street hockey?

Yes i wouldn't use a very expensive one though, i would use a older stick that you had before or buy a kind of cheap stick probably around $20-$50 ------------------------- There are generally four types of materials used to make hockey stick blades; wood, composite graphite, ABS resin, and plastic. Most of these blades, depending on the model, also have some type of fiberglass weave integrated into their design. Wood blades are meant to be used on ice only. The bottom of the blade will splinter fairly quickly on any other surface making the stick useless. Composite graphite blades are used on ice and sport court (roller hockey) surfaces only. ABS resin blades can really be used anywhere and plastic blades are used for street hockey only (ball only). Plastic blades are not stiff enough to handle the weight of pucks. If your ice hockey stick as has an ABS resin blade, using it for street hockey will not be a problem. Otherwise, I would seriously discourage you from using it outside. Instead, Bauer, Sherwood, TRON, and Frontier all make relatively cheap street hockey sticks ($25 or less).

How does a field hockey stick get flex?

The materials a hockey stick is made of are naturally springy or flexible. Each one ranges from quite firm and stiff to very giving in nature. The combination they are in, and how they are put together, controls how flexible a stick will be and where it wil bend to any amount. For field hockey sticks, the permanent bend is often built in as part of the molding and manufacture process; this bow can increase with age, and different bows are used in different sticks. The oldest of bowed sticks were originally straight, but gained a bow through age and exposure (the weather and conditions would warp the wood).

What are the best hockey sticks?

se 16 was the best stick ever made in opinion. but the best stick out right now is all on the shooters opinion like if he likes a wippy stick he would want the nag by Bauer. but if he wanted a control but stiff stick he could go with the ccm brz or the nexus 1000 or 600, another stick that is good but is every easy to break is the easton rs... by far is a great stick that breaks often.

Why do composite bats hit farther than aluminum?

The composite bats have a trampoline like affect that give the ball more distance. Aluminum is more stiff and has less of a trampoline affect than a composite bat would.

What does the word stiff mean?

it means to stand really still like a stick

How much are the Bauer one 95 ice hockey skates?

they are 749.99 they are a very nice skate a fully composite boot and it is very stiff but DONT buy skates off of eBay i work at a hockey store and i get lots of people bring skates in trying to exchange them for the right size just go to you nearest first line Bauer dealer and let them size you up.

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Isn't it a ballsack? No, it's a bindlestiff (bindle for the sack, stiff for the stick that holds it.)

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Because it ate too much viagra... No, joke aside. It can be either because it needs oil or the gear wheels need oil or are rusty.

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Erpeton tentaculatum, the Indonesia tentacled snake, does this as a defensive behavior.

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so that they can stick to flat objects and don't fall and they can also glide up stiff tall surfaces

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it means it can not move around muchSome definitions straight from my apple laptop:stiff |stif|adjective1 not easily bent or changed in shape; rigid : a stiff blackcollar | stiff cardboard.• not moving as freely as is usual or desirable; difficult to turn or operate : a stiff drawer | the faucet in the shower is a little stiff.• (of a person or part of the body) unable to move easily and without pain : he was stiff from sitting on the desk | a stiff back.• (of a person or their manner) not relaxed or friendly; constrained : she greeted him with stiff politeness.• viscous; thick : add wheat until the mixture is quite stiff.2 severe or strong : they face stiff fines and a possible jail sentence | a stiff increase in taxes.

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A nice, stiff yard stick. All you need in order to teach kids is knowing how to hit them and scare them into behaving.

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Will a baseball travel further when hit by an aluminum or composite bat?

Depends on what the flex of the bat is... if you have a stiff flex or one piece bat the ball is bound to travel a greater distance... having a stiff composite bat will deff create a faster exit speed after the bat is swung but this does not mean it will go further... but all in all I believe it is the person who is swinging the bat who determines the distance the ball will travel... having a 400$ bat will not make you hit homeruns.

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The leather dried stiff and hard. She had a stiff, formal demeanor.

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Your heart rate will increase when you exercise for a prolonged period or when you increase your effort. An increase in intensity might occur if you are riding your bike and you encounter a hill or a stiff headwind. Your heart rate will increase as you put more effort into maintaining your speed.

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when my friend was bad she was stiff

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Be Stiff was created in 1977.

what is stiff in a plant cell?

stiff part in a plant cell

Is carbon fiber bulletproof?

Technically, it can be, if you make it thick enough. Though it has a very good tensile strength, carbon fiber is not a particularly good choice for ballistic impact protection because of its relatively low shock strength. If the application requires a stiff material such as a composite, Kevlar composite is a better choice.

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