Are turf soccer shoes any good?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes they are butt only for indoor soccer

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Q: Are turf soccer shoes any good?
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What shoes can you wear for indoor soccer?

any shoes, plastic cleats, tennis shoes, etc. but the most common and the one with the best traction is turf shoes Indoor soccer is usually played inside a gym with hardwood flooring. Also, indoor soccer can be played in gyms with turf- like carpeting. Tennis shoes or sneakers are preferred, yet indoor soccer shoes are the best bet. Do not wear shoes with marking soles or shoes with heels. There are specialized indoor soccer shoes you can find at specialized soccer or sports stores. The link below is for an online store selling indoor soccer shoes if you would like to see an example of one or even buy one.

Where can I buy boys' soccer shoes?

Any major sporting good store offers major brands of soccer shoes. Check Addias, Puma, Nike, and any other name brands to find premium soccer shoes even his teammates will envy.

Are there any turf shoes similar to Nike Air Astro Grabber Destroyer high turf shoes or anywhere you can find these Nikes?

lewis tamblyn ate them all the fsggot

What does wf stand for in puma soccer shoes?

It means it says warning for tese are soccer shoes not just any shoes that what wf stands for

What kind of football shoes should be used on synthetic grass?

Puma has an extensive range of football shoes that have been designed to be worn on artificial turf fields. Any shoe safe for Artificial turf will be labled that way. There are football shoes that are designed specifically for use on synthetic grass/artificial turf. New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike all make a variety of shoes for all different styles of turf for different sports.

Where can I find some soccer running shoes?

Any shoe store should have soccer running shoes. If a shoe store does not have soccer running shoes, then it is probably a store that only takes in and sells donations.

What are the best brands of soccer shoes?

The best brands of soccer shoes are Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Adidas make it easier to run through grass, Nike are regular, and Puma are good too. Any of the three should be suitable.

Where could you buy soccer turfs?

Turfs as in turf cleats, should be found in any soccer or sports specialty store. Many online soccer/sport suppliers also should have them in stock.

Where can I buy soccer shoes for a young boy?

Indoor soccer shoes can be purchased at any sports specialty store or online. Some sites to look at are and Also sites such as Ebay and Amazon should also have indoor soccer shoes available.

What protection should you wear for field hockey?

A uniform normally includes a team shirt, either shorts or a skirt, and socks. You should also have a mouthguard, shinguards and proper footwear; many opt to wear gloves for either protection or grip as well.

What is a good pair of journey shoes?

A good pair of Journey shoes are Journey running shoes. They provide good ankle support and are true to fit as well as size. Their soccer shoes are some of the most comfortable I have worn. I wear a larger size and didn't have any trouble finding my size Journey running shoe. The laces are quality also and last.

What soil is good for a horse to work on?

you can actually put a horse on any type of turf or soil, all kinds are good for them!