Are traditional toe touches bad

Updated: 10/22/2022
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A straight-legged toe touch may hyperextend the knees, which can ultimately be bad over time. This exercise may also put strain on the back.

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Q: Are traditional toe touches bad
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Is a toe touch required for cheerleading?

yes toe touches are the most common jumps in cheerleading

Who holds the record for the most toe-touches in a minute?

There currently is no record for toe-touches. Unfortunately, the top has only been in 30 seconds has been around 23.

Who invented toe jam?

Toe jam is made by the toe fairy who climbs into your shoes at night and leaves toe jam dust, that when it touches your feet, turns to a delicious jam.

Can toe touches compress discs and possibly cause them to rupture?


Who has the highest toe touch in the world?

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What is it called when you can get your toe-touches higher than their vertical limit?

It's called hyper extension. CHEERS

Ways to increase height of cheerleading jump toe touches hurdler pikeetc?

Splits and stretch every day

Is stretching and toe touches good warmup exercises?

Warm up excercises consist of two parts. The physical warming of the body and stretching exercies. One will want to walk or march in place, do jumping jacks or other cardio style excerises before begining to stretch and preform toe touches.

Do you get a cast when you have a really bad broken toe?

yes you do if it is

If your toe is swollen for three days is that bad?


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