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Toe touches are a very hard thing to do. I have an over extended toe touch. A hyper extended toe touch is any where higher than that. A hyper extended toe touch is anywhere from almost liking yourself in the head to actually kicking yourself in the head.

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Q: Who has the highest toe touch in the world?
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What is the highest toe touch?

I dont think that there is a particular height but my friend did a toe touch that was higher then her head and about maybe 6 feet of ground idk ... It was pretty Heigh and she only in the 9th grade

How do you do a toe back?

A toe back is really a touch touch backhandspring. After you land your toe touchjump right into your backhandspring.

What is the regalement height of a cheerleading toe touch?

the toe-touch should be at least up to your waist but if it isn't then you will need a little practice.

What was the first cheerleading jump?

toe touch

Is a toe touch required for cheerleading?

yes toe touches are the most common jumps in cheerleading

What does the medical abbreviation TTWB mean?

TTWB stands for toe touch weight bearing. It means using crutches in such a way that the toe can touch the floor, but bears no weight.

Is it possible to touch your head with your toe?

yes it is possible i can do it

What is a hurdle for cheer-leading?

You prep like you are going to do a toe touch,then when you jump you pull one of your legs back to your hip so it would look like a N kind of when you flex your toe on the bent leg then with the other leg it goes out like a toe touch and which ever leg is out like a toe touch i what side hurdler it is.and you just land with your feet togeter

What is a passe in ballet?

a passe is when you touch your toe to the side of your knee.

Who invited the toe touch jump?

Does it matter? It's not a sport.

Do you have to touch the floor on a motocross bike?

It helps, you should at least be able to tip toe and touch the ground.

How many cheerleading jumps are there?

There are so many different jumps. For example: * tuck * spread eagle * pike * toe touch * double toe touch * herkie * hurdler And countless other ones.