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Q: Are they getting rid of preseason games?
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How many Thursday night games in the nfl?

10 games in the 2010 regular season (23 preseason games)9 games in the 2009 regular season (22 preseason games)10 games in the 2008 regular season (21 preseason games)8 games in the 2007 regular season (19 preseason games)*no post season games are played on Thursday*

How many nfl preseason games were played during the 1960 seaon?

how many preseason games did the nfl play in 1970

How games in NHL season?

There are 96 games including preseason games

What year did preseason games begin?


When are the first preseason baseball games?


Did the 1972 Miami Dolphins when all of their preseason games?

The Miami Dolphins did not win all of their preseason games in 1972. They were 3 and 3 in the preseason. Interestingly, their last loss in preseason game 5 (August 31, 1972) was to the Washington Redskins, 27 - 24.

Do preseason games count for anything at the end of the season?

No, preseason games have no impact on standings at all. They're really nothing but glorified practices.

Where do the New York Yankees play their preseason games?

The Yankees play their preseason games at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

Do NFL preseason games count for a teams record?

No. Preseason games are glorified "practice," and don't count toward a team's record for the season.

How many games in NHL season?

There are 96 games including preseason games

How many NHL games in season?

There are 96 games including preseason games

How do you get rid of games in HeartGold?

well it depends what you meen by getting rid of games is it to get rid of mini games or is it to get rid of the game? to get rid of mini games just stop playing them and to get rid of the game just go to say best buy or gamestop and they will take it gladly you may not get alot but you get money and you get rid of it.

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