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yes there are, but why would you want to know. all states have pro sports teams. by the way you spelt professional wrong.

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2010-02-03 11:22:22
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Q: Are there profesional sports teams for south caroliona?
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What professional sports teams are in South Carolina?

There arn't any Pro teams in South Carolina but there are various minor league teams

How many Profesional soccer teams are in Argentina?


What are South Carolina's pro sports teams?

clemsen tigersb

What is the mascot of the University of South Carolina sports teams?

South Carolina game cocks (rooster)

What are some sports teams from Florida?

College Teams: Florida State Seminoles, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators, Bulls (southern florida) Profesional Teams: Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Lightning There are more but there are some for you.

What professional sports teams does South Carolina have?

South Carolina technically does not have a pro sports team. However the NFL panthers and the NHL hurricanes are located in Charlotte which is on the border of north and south Carolina and are suppose to be carolinas team. Notice both teams do not specify north or south in there names.

Are there any sports teams for South Carolina?

Here's a coupleClemson Tigers - Clemson South Carolina Gamecocks - Columbia

What colours do south African sports teams play in?

they wear yellow t-shirt

What are some sports teams that begin with the letter Q?

Here are some sports teams beginning with the letter Q:- Qatar- Qingdao- Queen of the South- Queens Park Rangers- Quilmes

How do they choose all conference teams in college sports?

by they state if they and the east or west south or north

Which state has the least sports teams?

Probably Hawaii, north or South Dakota, Idaho and Maine

How many basketball teams are in Canada?

The only Canadian profesional basketball team is The Toronto Raptors, but there are many organized basketball teams in the country

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