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Yes, right handed folks stand facing their right and have the heads of their Golf clubs facing in the left direction. The golf club can not be changed to fit a right handed person and then the left handed person, each different golfer has to buy their own equipment to fit their specifications.

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Q: Are there different clubs for right handed and left handed golfers?
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What right-handed golfers also play hockey right-handed?

Yes, most of them do

Are there any irons that are suited for both left-handed and right-handed golfers?

Irons are made in either left or right handed not both.

What is a ball that curves to the right called in golf?

A shot that starts straight, or to the left and then works right is known as a fade. (For right handed golfers) --------------- For right handed golfers a Slice is a shot that curves to the right and a Hook is a shot that curves to the left.

Can you have both left handed clubs and right handed clubs in your golf bag as long as it does not exceed 14 clubs?

Golf ClubsRule 4 of the USGA Rules of Golf does not stipulate whether the clubs in a golfer's bag must be either all right-handed or all left-handed clubs. I don't personally know of any ambidextrous pros, but I have known a lot of right-handed golfers to carry a left-handed 5-7 iron to get out of tight spots where a right-handed swing is awkward or impossible. The problem, of course, is which club you are willing to sacrifice to accommodate the extra left-handed club. As you note, you are limited to a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. Hope that helps. Going off the top answer here, I have a set of left and right handed clubs. Since i can golf either way and not have a problem. Now, in tournaments I will carry both left and right handed clubs up to 14 which is the allowed number. I swtich every other club because this helps me in different situations. In almost every tournament I have been in they question this and say it is illegal to do. So I carry around a rule book and point out the rulle metioned above. So they always allow it because there is nothing saying you can't. So it is legal but you will more then likely get question about it and as long as they are coming out of your bag and not someone else's it is ok.

Does the shaft on a golf club have to be specificly right handed?

No, a golf shaft will fit both right and left handed clubs.

How to determine left or right handed golf swing?

When you are picking up the game you should try hitting left and right handed shots and see which you are most comfortable with. Just because you write right handed, doesn't mean you will play left handed. Phil Mickelson actually writes right handed. The vast majority of golfers are right handed, very few play left handed.

Why when there are many good left handed batsmen in cricket so few top left handed golfers?

This is a very good question. There is no real reason for it, but the explanation I can offer you is, 10-15 years ago, left handed clubs were rare, especially for juniors, that's why on tour at the minute there are very few left handed players. Today, left handed clubs are still rare and don't come in all the options you would find in right handed clubs, simply because there is not a big enough market. Junior clubs are also very rare in left hand. You will notice a cricket bat can be used by either a right or left handed player, so when a player picks up a bat for the first time, they will use whichever orientation feels most natural. A golf club can only be used one way. A couple of interesting side notes would be, Phil Mickelson writes right handed, but plays left handed and when Tiger Woods picked up a club for the first time he swung left handed as he was mirroring his father Earl Woods.

Are custom golf clubs necessary for a woman over 6' tall?

Yes, if you are taking golf fairly seriously then you should have the right golf clubs and also to find out if you are right/left handed. Example: My husband is 6' 6" tall and although right-handed in everything he does he golfs much better left-handed. He has also bought golf clubs that suit his height.

When you use a 5 wood off the tee where is the ball in your stance?

It is completely up to you really, but the best place is just to the right of your left foot. (for right handed golfers)