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Q: Are there any three day international cricket matches?
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Are there any cricket management games?

International Cricket Captain and Cricket Coach

Any cricket games on ps3?

International Cricket 2010

Where can you watch free live online cricket matches?

You can watch any format of live cricket anytime anywhere through the related link.

Are there any international cricket grounds in London?


How many one day internationals Indian cricket team has played till now?

711 matches. We have won a total of 344 matches and lost 333. 3 matches got tied and there were 31 matches without any result.

Which team scored highest runs on any day in test cricket matches?

England 588 against India

Who made the most runs in professional cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar has the most runs of any international cricket player. He has scored over 10000 runs in both Test matches and One day internationls. He is closely followed by Brian Lara who again has scored over 10000 runs in both forms of the game.

Is umesh yadav play any international cricket?

Yes. Umesh Yadav played International Cricket. He made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in TRI-SERIES onJune 2010( on that time unlucky he didn't take any wickets)

Who has won the most Man of the Match awards in any format of International Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

How many centuries are made by Raina in Odi?

He has scored a total of 4 centuries in international cricket. 3 in ODI and 1 in test cricket. He does not have any T20 centuary.

Are you allowed to carry a cricket bat on an international flight l?

i am in a great doubt to carry a cricket bat from kolkata to chennai for my nephew i didn't get a good answer from any one

What is the highest run scored in single day of test cricket for any international team?

INDIA 417/2

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