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711 matches. We have won a total of 344 matches and lost 333. 3 matches got tied and there were 31 matches without any result.

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Q: How many one day internationals Indian cricket team has played till now?
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How many One Day Internationals have India played?

As of January 2011, the Indian national cricket team have played 761 One-Day Internationals, since their first such match in 1974 against England.

How many test Indian cricket team has played till now?


How many One Day Internationals has Sachin Tendulkar played?

Till now Sachin Tendulkar has played 453 One Day Internationals.

How many centuries does chris gayle has in t 20 cricket?

He has hitted only 1 century in T20 internationals.

How many test matches Indian cricket team has played till now?


How many cricket world cups have West Indian Vivian Richards played?

Vivian Richards played in 1975, 1979, 1983, and 1987 Cricket World Cups.

How many tests are win by Indian cricket team?

India has won a total of 112 test matches out of 462 played.

How many One Day Internationals have England played?

As of March 2011, England have played 590 One-Day International matches.

How many T20 Internationals have played between Pakistan and Australia?

how many T20 International have plated between pakistan and austalia

How many times sachin gets the man ofthe match in cricket?

I'm assuming you mean Sachin Tendulkar? 58 in one day internationals and 11 in test matches.

How many players in Indian cricket board now?


How many cups have the Indian cricket team won?