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== American Football Fans Worldwide = Yes.

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Q: Are there American football fans all over the world?
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What is tribal football most famous for?

Tribal football is a website about soccer/football made by fans for fans. It's main purpose is to gather and deliver news from all over the world to all over the world.

Is real Madrid football club the club highest number of fans in the world?

No I believe it is Manchester United at just over 75million fans.

What is the worlds most watched sport event?

With over 3.5 billion fans, football (or soccer) is undeniably the most watched sport in the world. Football has the maximum stadiums, greatest numbers of people buying football merchandise, number of competitions and events held - such as the world cup, UEFA League, American Cup, etc. Also there are the maximum number of teams, leagues and clubs for football all over the world. The current football world cup 2010 has about 715.1 million people who watched the final. It is the world's most widely viewed sports event today.

Which football club have the highest fans base in the world?

Unfortunately Manchester United as they have a fan base of over 330 million idiots.

What is football or soccer war?

This question isn't very clear. It could either mean, fans of American Football vs fans of Soccer arguing over which sport is better or Europeans vs Americans on what the sport of soccer/football should be called. Europeans of course saying it is called football and Americans saying it is called soccer. To answer the first soccer is better than American football it is a much more popular sport, sorry America. To answer the second anybody who engages in a 'its called this not this' argument is an idiot

What football team has the most fans?

Red Star Belgrade Certainly not the case over the world. Manchester United/Real Madrid holds that distinction.

How many fans does Rihanna have?

Rihanna has millions of fans from all over the world.

Is american football spreading quickly into other countries?

The NFL is trying and it seems to be working. There are several games scheduled every year in London in an effort to promote the sport of American Football overseas. It seems to be getting a decent adoption from the fans as well. Attendance has been up Year over Year.

What is the growth in the number of fans in football?

it´s a good question! I´m interested in how many football fans they are in africa? I will bet, that ManU for example is having more supporters in Africa then all over Britain!

Does tokio hotel have black fans?

They have all types of fans all over the world :)

How many fans do Hilary Duff have?

she has over 9000 fans all around the world

How many fans does usher have?

Usher has millions and millions of fans all over the world..

About how many Johnny Depp fans are there?

Mr. Depp has millions of fans the world over.

How many fans Selena Gomez has?

she has over the whole world 78990000 fans i counted them when i was 5

Did Marilyn monroe have a lot of fans?

She had plenty of fans all over the world, some worshiped her.

Where do Chelsea fans come from?

All over the world ...!

How many fans are at the world cup?

Over 10,000

What is the most popular sport in the world?

FootballWith over 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football ("soccer") is the most popular sport on the planet. It always ranks at the top of the majority of the credible lists published.Usually, popularity is measured based on the "number of viewers/fans". According to a website called, here are the top 3:Football (which is equivalent to American soccer) is the most popular overallTennis is the most popular "individual" sport (no team required)Golf is the most popular "solo" sport (can be played alone).Additional opinions from WikiAnswers sports fans:"Most popular" could mean "most watched," "most played," or "most revenue-generating." Based on the variable definition of "most popular" the following observations apply:The most played sport, not just watched, in the world is also football (American Soccer).Based on the number and size of stadiums around the world, the number of people who wear football (American Soccer) merchandise, the number of people who are aware of football, and the number of leagues/tournaments worldwide (The World Cup, UEFA Champions League, The South American Cup, The American Cup, The Asian Cup, 70 English league teams, 40 Italian league teams, 40 Spanish league teams) football ranks at the top of the list regardless of the definition of "most popular."Rugby is very popular in many former English colonies (with the notable exception of the US) and has a large following. However, participation rates fall below that of football.Manchester United is the most popular sports team and the biggest sport franchise on the planet. It has over 450 million fans all around the world. Its estimated value is $1.9 billion in value, which well exceeds that of the Dallas Cowboys and Real Madrid.Most Frequently Cited Ranked Lists1) Football: 3.3-3.5 billion fans (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, etc.)2) Cricket: 2-3 billion fans (India, UK, Pakistan, Asia, Australia, etc.)3) Field hockey: 2-2.2 billion fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia)4) Tennis: Around 1 billion fans (Europe, Americas, Asia)5) Volleyball: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Americas, Australia)6) Table tennis: Around 900 million fans (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas)7) Baseball: Around 500 million fans (US, Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic)8) Golf: Around 400 million fans (US, Canada, Europe)9) Gridiron (American football): 390-410 million fans (US mainly)10) Basketball: Not more than 400 million fans (US, Canada mainly)Another list from Soccer (association football, also known as futbolin various Spanish-speaking countries)2. Cricket3. Rugby4. Field HockeyT5: BaseballT5: BasketballThere are often minor variations in this list.

How Meany fans does Cody Simpson hAve?

Cody Simpson have over Million's of fans all around the world

Popularity of american football vs European football?

European football (Soccer) has always been more popular than American football. In Europe, football is the most popular sport, with some teams netting over 1 billion dollars a season. In America, soccer as it is called, has grown in popularity over the years, but is still far behind football (American), baseball, and basketball.

Why is it that Auburn fans get more excited over football games than Alabama fans?

Auburn hasn't won a championship since 2010 so they have show some emotion

How many fans the Tamil actor has?

Only Vijay having more fans next to Rajini.... Above 30000000 fans all over the world. :)

Who has more fans cook or archuleta?

David Archuleta ---- Definately David Archuleta! He has fans all over the world!

Do you have to be an American to play American football?

Not at all. In fact, we got the idea for our game from the Canadians, who were playing rugby while our schools were playing something more like soccer. People from all over the world have played American football. Lots of Europeans have been NFL kickers, and there have even been a few Australian punters. American football is now believed to be played in 48 nations.

Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting