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The lines are part of the soccer field when the ball is in play. We know that the Laws of the Game require that a ball cross wholly over the touch line to be in touch (out of play), or wholly over the goal line within the goal to be a goal (fouls or other infractions of the Laws of the Game aside).

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Q: Are the lines part of the soccer field?
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Are the lines in or out for soccer?

The lines are part of the area they border. The lines around the outside of the field are part of the field.

How do you mark the lines on a soccer field?

The lines on a soccer field mark different sides and positions within the field. These are made with a chalk or with a paint.

Are touch lines in or out for soccer?

The touch line is considered part of the field. Every part of the ball must completely exit the field for play to be stopped.

Where is the goal line on a soccer field?

The goal lines are the shorter lines on the field and the goals are on them.

Where is the touch line in a soccer field?

The touch lines are the longer lines on the perimeter of the soccer field. Specifically, the ones without the goals on them.

Do touch lines and goal lines are part of the field of play in soccer?

Touch lines (end lines) and side lines are a very big part of soccer. Touch lines and side lines give an area for play or else the game would be a crazy mess! There would be people all over the place if there were no boundaries.

What marks the sides of the soccer field?

The touch lines.

What are the lines that mark a soccer field called?

The lines that mark a soccer field are touch lines, goal lines, the halfway line, the center circle, corner arcs, goal area lines, penalty area lines, and penalty arcs.

In soccer are the touch line and goal line part of the field of play?

In order for the ball to be out of play the whole of the ball has to cross the whole of the line therefore technically the lines are part of the field of play.

When is the soccer ball considered out of bounds?

when it passes the marked lines on the field.

How many referees on a soccer field?

There is 1 referee on a soccer field. Three others are along the touch lines, two assistants and a fourth official.

What are the boundary lines in soccer?

There are a number of lines on a soccer field. None of them are called boundary lines. The touch lines run up and down the length. They form the sides. The goal lines are across the ends of the field. The touch lines and goal lines define the field's perimeter or its boundary. And a ball that is in play must wholely cross one of these lines (either on the ground or in the air) to be considered out of play.

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