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They are good if you fall down and you land on your elbow or knee it wont hurt as much and it helped me shoot better

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Q: Are the McDavid HexPad Elbow Knee Pad good for basketball?
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What injuries did Dirk Nowitzki have in basketball?

It was a knee and elbow injury.

What does the patella and ulna protect?

Knee and elbow

What kind of knee sleeve does Dwyane Wade wear?


Are the knee and elbow multiaxial joints?

The knee is the elbow is not

What brand of knee braces is used by the most NFL teams?

Probably McDavid.

What hurts more getting shot in the knee or in the elbow?

Knee by far. The knee has a lot of nerves that the elbow doesn't have

How does the anatomy of the knee differ from the anatomy of the elbow?

The knee is a ball in socket joint and the elbow is a hinge joint.

What type of joint is the elbow and knee joint?

hinge joint is found in elbow and knee

What type of knee pads does Derrick Rose wear?

They are either Mcdavid pads, or some new kind of Adidas sleeve. For a bit, he was wearing the new Adidas elbow padded sleeves, but on his knees, maybe they made them custom. I want to know as well which they are. He actullay wears white and black the addidas TECHFIT™ PADDED COMPRESSION KNEE SLEEVE

What are examples of the elbow and the knee?

The things on your legs, and the things on you arms!

What is the proper name for a horses knee?

Elbow or knee

Is the word knee a verb?

It can be used as a verb. Like, as in hitting with the knee. It's like the word "elbow". When you elbow someone, you hit them with your elbow.Noun- Look at my knee!Verb- Don't knee him!

Explain the difference between extending and flexing your arm at the elbow?

When you straighten your arm or leg (as in a pushing movement), you EXTEND the arm or leg. When you bend your arm at the elbow or your leg at the knee, you FLEX the arm at the elbow and flex the leg at the knee.

What is the alternative to the knee-chest position?

knee elbow. you idiot.

What is the skin on your knee and elbow called?

The skin on your knee is called a wegina and the skin on elbow is called a wenis. These are slang terms and not actual terms. If you use it in a medical situation, you may be laughed at. The skin on your elbow is called the olecranon skin. The skin on your knee is the patellar skin.

What causes Edema of knee elbow?

Edema means swelling. Edema of the knee or elbow means there is water on the joint. This is often caused by injury.

Where is a hinge on our body?

Elbow and Knee

Is the elbow a hingle joint?

The elbow is a hinge joint. The largest hinge joint is in the knee.

What is the most trusted knee brace company?

McDavid, Mueller and Neo G are all good brands that have been around a while

What is the differences between the elbow joint and the knee joint?

The elbow is a hinge joint - flexsion and extension The knee is a pivotal hinge joint - flexsion and extension with some medial and lateral rotation

Why are menisci in the knee joint but not in the elbow?

Menisci is present in the knee as it is weight baring joint.

What is the type of joint in the knee and elbow?


What type of joints are found in the hip knee and elbow?

They are all synnovial joints with different articulaiton types. The hip is a ball and socket joint. the knee is a pivot hinge and the elbow is a hinge

What type of joint is at the knee and elbow?

A hinge joint

3 movable joints?

elbow, knee, and ankle