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Q: Are the Chicago Blackhawks going to the Stanley Cup playoffs?
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Are the Chicago Bulls going to the playoffs?

No they are not but they are going next year and they are going to be the 2010 NBA Champions

Who is going to win the Stanley cup 2013?


Are the Edmonton Oilers going to win the Stanley Cup?

2013: No, the Edmonton Oilers did not make the playoffs.

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs going to win the stanley cup in 2011-2012 season?

No, they will be lucky if they make the playoffs.

Has there ever been an NHL team to sweep the playoffs?

Yes, the Detriot Red Wings swept the playoffs going 8-0 in 1951-52. They beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-0 in the first round and the Montreal Canadiens 4-0 in the Stanley Cup Final. The Montreal Canadiens did it as well in the 1959-60 playoffs going 8-0 against Chicago and Toronto. There have probably been others throughout the NHL's history as the Stanley Cup playoffs used to much shorter than what it is now. Check the related links for more.

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to the playoffs this year?

Yes they are going to the playoffs and then to the championship.

Are the Toronto raptors going to make it to the playoffs?

It is a 65 % chance they will make it and 35% chance they won't make they playoffs. If they beat Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons,New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls then they are in the playoffs but if they don't beat 2 teams out of 4 then they won't make it to the playoffs.

Are the broncos going to the playoffs?

yes they are

Are The Steelers going to this years playoffs?


What are the chances of the Sharks going to the playoffs and possibly playing in the Stanley Cup Finals without Ricci and Vinny?

Its 2009 and the sharks are off to a good start. Now after about 60 games they look like they could win the Stanley cup without them. GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will win the Stanley cup final?

In my opinion I think the series will be very close but Chicago is going to pull out the win in 6 games or 5.

Is Vancouver Canucks Going To The Playoffs?


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