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Tennis balls are flouresent green, just compare it to a neon yellow... not even close.

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Its how the person made it

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they are whatever colors you want them to be

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Q: Are tennis balls green or yellow?
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Is a tennis ball green or yellow?

Tennis balls are green... Compare them to a neon yellow and then a neon green and they are definitely green.

Why are tennis balls yellow?

Tennis balls are not generally yellow. They are usually green. A tennis ball can become yellow if it is left out in the sun for a very long time (months and months), and will turn yellow due to sun exposure.

Who invented yellow tennis balls?

In 1972 ITF introduced yellow tennis balls. The international tennis federation introduced the yellow tennis ball.

When did yellow tennis balls replace White tennis balls?

Yellow tennis balls are supposedly easier for the umpire to see if the ball was to land inside or outside of the boundary lines.

Why are tennis balls yellow green?

Probably because it makes it easy to see, especially when it gets lost.

How high will an orange tennis ball bounce?

Color does not affect the bounce. Purple tennis balls bounce as high as green and yellow tennis balls. It really depends on the type of ball.

What are tennis balls?

Tennis balls are balls about 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide that are used in the game of tennis. They are usually made from rubber with a yellow/green peach fuzz on them. They bounce fairly high and do not use a pump for air unlike basketballs and other balls. Thanks!

There are 16 tennis balls 34 of them are yellow how many tennis balls are yellow?

Is that possible?Is this a trick?Well if you had 16 tennis balls and there is 34 of the balls are yellow. But there is only 16 balls and 34 of them can not go in too 16.So I am guessing that it is not possible!Or is it?I am confused!Help anyone?Well anyway my answer is 0.47.

When were yellow tennis balls used for the first time at Wimbledon?

Tennis balls were first used in 1902 in Wimbledon

What are some colors Tennis balls come in?

tennis balls usually come in the colour of bright yellow. it's basically the usual color tennis balls are seen as.

What color are tennis balls?

Tennis balls are generally sold in optic yellow, they can be sold in a variety of other colors; however optic yellow is the official color used in professional tennis and by most tennis players.

In the Rule Book of Tennis what are the two colors of tennis balls that can be used?

yellow or white

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