Are square soccer posts legal

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Soccer goal posts are not supposed to be square, it's too dangerous for the goal keeper. They are supposed to be round.

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Q: Are square soccer posts legal
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What is the objective of the game soccer?

To kick the ball into the square posts at either end of the field.

What diameter are the posts of a soccer goal?

Soccer goal posts must not be more than 5 in (12 cm) and must be the same as the width of the lines on the field.

Why shouldn't soccer posts be made from rubber?

I don’t know.Make a soccer post out of rubber

Minimum height of soccer flag posts?

A regulation football goal (Soccer in the USA) must measure 8 feet high and 24 feet wide (2.44 x 7.32 meters). The rule that cites this is in the first of FIFA's 17 Laws of the Game. Younger footballers from the age of 13 years use goals of these dimentions. Children below 13 years of age use different measurements so the goal size is proportionate to their level of play i.e. 5 , 6 and 7 aside in and out door.

How wide are soccer goal posts?

The soccer goal is 8 x 8 and that makes it easy to remember. But it isn't square, and anyone who has looked at a goal knows this. It is 8 feet high by 8 yards wide, and the post is going to be 8 feet in height. The metric equivalent is 2.44 meters high by 7.32 meters wide. The Laws of the Game can be reviewed just as they were handed down from FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, by surfing the link directly to the .pdf version of them (in English).

How far apart are the goal posts in soccer?

The field goal posts on an American football field are located at the back end line of the end zone, ten feet off the ground and extending straight up from there. Today, the support that holds the goal posts is usually several feet behind the end zone so players aren't impeded or in danger of running into them.

How do you engineer a soccer goal?

Find the dimensoins of the goal posts, then the braces. use the circufrence of the pole for your posts and braces

What is the distance between goal post in soccer?

An ambiguous question. Posts of the same goal or posts from opposite goals?

Another name for the posts and crossbar of a goal in soccer?


Do soccer have Bases?

No!!!!!!! That's baseball. In soccer you kick the ball and try and score in the goals(posts with netting

Is it legal to play soccer with your arms but not your hand?

No it is not legal to play soccer with your arms