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Q: Are spiked soccer cleats legal in high school soccer?
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Aremetal soccer cleats legal?

Yes, they are legal.

Are Soccer cleats legal in little league baseball?

no one is going to complain in little league

Are baseball cleats different then soccer cleats?

Baseball and soccer cleats are quite different because they are designed for different purposes. Soccer cleats are designed for grip exclusively on turf since the soccer pitch is entirely covered in turf, but baseball cleats are designed to give the player maximum grip on the dirt basepaths, which is why baseball cleats will sometimes perform poorly for outfielders, especially on wet turf. Soccer cleats are round while baseball cleats are (generally) rectangular, and both have blunt bottoms. Certain soccer boots allow the owner to change out the cleats as they wear, but I have never seen baseball shoes with replaceable cleats. The biggest difference however is that baseball cleats may be made of metal but soccer cleats never can. If you've ever wondered why soccer players kneel down while the referee walks behind them before a match, it is so he can see that all cleats are legal. In both sports it is illegal to sharpen cleats into spikes.

Can you modify football cleats to make them legal for soccer games?

yes u have to jump around util they break off

Can tou wear metal cleats in pony league baseball?

yes, metal cleats are completely legal in pony league.

Is it legal to play soccer with your arms but not your hand?

No it is not legal to play soccer with your arms

Is it legal to slide tackle in indoor soccer?

i think it is but u should ask a soccer coach

Is it legal to go to school?

Yes it is legal to go to school

Is it legal to wear ankle weights in a soccer game?


Is a charge in the back of an soccer opponant legal?

No, it is ILLEGAL.

Is slide tackling completely illegal in soccer?

A slide tackle is legal in soccer. Touching the ball before touching the player is one of the requirements for a legal slide tackle, but is not the only requirement.

Is a slide takle a legal move in soccer?

Yes. If correctly executed.

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