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Sports websites can cater to both spectators and participants, depending on their focus and content.

Spectators: Many sports websites primarily target sports enthusiasts and spectators. These sites provide news, analysis, live scores, and streaming options for various sports events. They often include features like statistics, interviews, and highlights to keep fans updated and engaged with their favorite sports and teams.

Participants: Some sports websites are designed to serve athletes, coaches, and participants directly. These sites may offer resources such as training tips, workout plans, coaching advice, equipment reviews, and forums where athletes can discuss training methods and share experiences. They can also provide information about upcoming competitions, registration details, and results for participants.

In summary, sports websites can cater to both groups, and the content and features will vary depending on their intended audience and purpose. Some websites may even strike a balance by offering content for both spectators and participants, recognizing that there's often overlap between these two groups of sports enthusiasts.

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Spectators, the participants already know everything about the team from the coach.

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Q: Are sport websites more for spectators or participants?
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