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no they don't. Only the catcher does

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Q: Are shin guards legal in asa fastpitch softball for the pitcher?
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In softball is it legal for a coach to tell a pitcher to hit the batter on purpose?

Although it's unsportsman there is no rule against it.

Can you use a fastpitch softball bat in slowpitch softball?

I don't know what the "legal" umpire answer would be, but I do know that fastpitch bats are made lighter so they can be swung quicker. It seems like you would want to use a slowpitch bat in slowpitch for the extra power you would get from the extra weight of the bat. There is no rule against it as long as the bat is an approved bat in the league you are playing in, i.e. ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA.

Is rolling and shaving a softball bat legal?

If you are going to compete in an organized sporting event, then it is not legal. If you are going to roll your bat, make sure you keep it for your personal home use. See the related link below for the clarifications from the Armature Softball Association of America. Every Sanction of baseball, fastpitch, little league and slopitch softball has an "alteration" or "modification rule except for the ISA in slowpitch soft ball they cleary state it is illegal. Try I've had great luck with them

What is a legal windup for a youth fast pitch softball pitcher is there a rulebook i can reference?

Reference any rulebook for a sanctioning body such as ASA, USSSA, USFA and there are many others as well.

What year did mouth guards become legal in boxing?

Since 1850 you've had to wear a mouth guards in boxing matches

What is a good legal team softball name?

a good name is power 4ce redfire i love softball cookie monster wrote it

What softball bats are legal in black American softball tournaments?

In the U.S. and possibly other countries, any the ASA (Amateur Softball Association) approve are legal. The bat would say ASA approved somewhere on it. This applies to women's and girl's travel teams and school teams.

Is it legal to pitch underhanded in professional baseball?

There is nothing I have found in the MLB rules that would prohibit a pitcher from a pitching motion similar to that of a softball pitcher. Actually, the underhanded motion was the rule when Alexander Cartwright came up with the rules of baseball in 1845. I have included a link, named 'MLB Rule 8', to the MLB rules concerning the pitcher on this page.

How many innings must be played in NFHS softball to be considered a legal game?


Is base stealing legal in softball?

in younger ages it is not alloud, but when you get in to 4th or 5th grade you can.

When were shin guards a legal thing in football?

they became legal in 1987 after the world cup when people used to go in stupid challenges

Is an altered bat is one in which the physical structure of a legal softball bat has been changed?


Are metal spikes legal in high school softball?

Yes. (This is true for most conferences, but not all.)

Is a softball bat with an axe-shaped handle legal in all divisions of ASA play?


What is a crow hop in fast pitch softball?

A crow hop in fast pitch softball is when the pitcher basically hops off the mound while shes pitching. She literally jumps, bringing both feet off of the ground. Which is ILLEGAL in softball. in order for her footing to be legal during a pitch, if she is right handed, her right toe should drag the ground. the left foot can come off the ground as much as it can, but not the right one. hope this helps

Can distance between bases on softball field be 65 feet?

They can be 100 feet but it would not be a "legal" field.

Is it legal to hit a softball on your backswing?

yes. the umpire doesnt call the batter out though. i do believe it counts as a strike.

A right handed batter gets a strike then switches to left handed is that legal in asa softball?

Yes, this is legal. As long as the pitcher has not started her motion, or the pitch is not already being delivered the batter may switch sides at any time. This is used a lot for players who swing away right handed but can drag bunt form the left hand side.

Is it legal for Americans to bother or play with those English guards that wear the red coats and bearskin hats?

It is legal, so long as they do not touch them or try to remove their silly hats.

Is it legal to slide into first base in softball?

varies league to league. in most baseball leagues, it is probably ALLOWED, but unnecessary (and dangerous!)

Can a pitcher lick his fingers in high school baseball?

Yes. If the pitcher is not on the mound and he wipes his hand off before touching the mound and the ball, then it is legal.

What is the seven innings in softball?

A legal game The seventh inning is the final inning of a complete game given that one team is ahead at the end of the inning. A legal game is 4 completed innings.

Is a 3.3 year age difference legal in Oregon?

Between? Humans? Dogs, Ford Mustangs? For what? Marriage? Wrestling? Softball practice? Why? What have you done?

If a pitch is hit off the ground into fair territory and the home plate umpire doesn't see it does the base umpire have to to call it foul or does the home plate umpire have to seek help on the call?

What help would be needed? In fastpitch softball it is legal to hit a pitch that touchs the ground 1st. In slo-pitch, then the ruling should be a foul ball. ---- It is also completely legal in MLB and little league baseball as well. In USSSA softball, if a pitched ball strikes the ground before crossing home plate not only can the batter legally hit the ball, but any runners on base may immediately leave their base and run toward the next base. If the batter does not swing and hit the ball, it is called a ball and the runners must return to their bases.

Does the pitcher need to touch the mound while pitching?

Rule 8.01 Legal Pitching Delivery goes into detail about the only two legal pitching positions (the set position and the wind-up) but the short answer is yes, not only must the pitcher be touching the mound, his foot must be touching the pitcher's plate (or rubber) until the ball is delivered to the batter.