Are redskins better than cowboys

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As of Week 15 in the 2010 season, there isn't much difference between the two teams on paper. They split their season's series, and both are tied for last place in the NFC East division.

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Q: Are redskins better than cowboys
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Are the cowboys better than redskins?

Yes they are alot better than the red skins

Who is better the cowboys cheerleaders or the redskins cheerleaders?


Who is better Washington Redskins or Dallas Cowboys?

REDSKINS are the worst of the teams by far,so it is the COWBOYS!

Which two teams are better redskins or Dallas cowboys?

The Cowboys have won more of the contests between them and the Redskins

Who is better redskins or cowboys?

cowboys are way worse. Redskins are better experienced players because of more established team. Tony Romo makes many mistakes and cant throw a stinkin ball. Steelers are better then them. All in all REDSKINS ARE BETTER .

Who will win cowboys or redskins?


How many times have the Washington Redskins played on thanksgiving?

7 times, once against the Lions and six times against the Cowboys. 1968: Cowboys 29, Redskins 20 1973: Redskins 20, Lions 0 1974: Cowboys 24, Redskins 23 1978: Cowboys 37, Redskins 10 1990: Cowboys 27, Redskins 17 1996: Cowboys 21, Redskins 10 2002: Cowboys 27, Redskins 20

Who is better - the Redskins or the Cowboys?

Redskins^^^That is incorrect. The correct answer is the Cowboys.The Cowboys have always been a better overall team than the Redskins, look at their history. Here are the FACTS:Cowboys have won the Super Bowl 5 times. 2 of those were back to back, and last time in 95 (I'll give you that it was a while ago). Redskins have won only 3 times, none back to back, last one being in 91 (even longer ago).Cowboys are a more valuable team than the Redskins, $1.65 Billion to $1.55 Billion respectively.Cowboys have played the Redskins a total of 103 times since 1960. Cowboys have won 61/103.Either the answer was from a Redskins fan, or someone who knows nothing about football.

Which team is worth more the cowboys or the redskins?

Cowboys > Patriots > Redskins > Giants > Eagles

Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or redskins?

the cowboys

Who are the biggest rivals of the redskins?


Did the redskins beat the cowboys last night?

No, the 'Skins choked. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 14-10.

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