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if your playing on wet grass then yes

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โˆ™ 2010-10-17 02:56:14
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Q: Are metal cleats better than rubber cleats?
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Are rubber cleats safer than metal cleats on golf shoes?

Rubber cleats are always safer than metal cleats because it is softer and has a less chance of injuring someone.

Do metal cleats have more traction than rubber cleats?


What are the good things about metal cleats?

Metal cleats allow you to get better traction on the dirt as the dig into the dirt better than rubber cleats do. They also allow for better and faster changes of direction. They help to accelerate as they dig into the dirt rather then running on top of it, meaning you have more to push off of.

Why plastic cleats are better than metal cleats?

Metal is better because metal lasts longer and provides better traction. Safety is the only drawback. Fielders can get hurt when a runner slides into base with metal cleats. It will also do a lot of damage getting stepped on by someone wearing metal cleats. The only reason to use plastic is for artificial turf or because the rules forbid metal.

What is the difference between lacrosse cleats and baseball cleats?

The difference is that baseball cleats are heavier and most ive seen have metal. Lacrosse cleats are shorter, better, and lighter than baseball cleats. Lacrosse cleats are a mix between soccer and football cleats. And it feels o so right.

Can you replace metal stoppers with rubber stoppers?

I think you are talking about cleats. If that is the case then yes, they are safer than metal but wear out sooner. Also the shoe must be the interchangeable kind.

Are Adi Pure cleats better than Adi Power cleats?

it depends on u and for me Adi power cleats are better

What is better than vapor soccer cleats?

F50 cleats they are the best Diego

Do football cleats work better for baseball than baseball cleats?

For youth Baseball it probably doesn't make that much difference, but for adult baseball (high school ball and higher), metal baseball cleats are allowed and are more effective than plastic football cleats. Plus, they don't wear down as easily.

Is rubber a better insulator than plastic?

plastic is better than rubber

Is metal less flexible than rubber?

Yes it is. Rubber can be bend wherelse the metal cannot!

Are cleats better than sneakers for running?

my best bet would be cleats for grass but sneakers for black top

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